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For Sale:
SOLD Mint Condition Monster Turbine Pro Gold w/ControlTalk & Full Warranty+One Time Replacement Still Available (Details Inside) (SOLD)

Will Ship To: CONUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I purchased these just last August brand new from This is the ControlTalk version which is an absolute godsend if you use an iDevice especially an iPhone of any kind. I'm selling them to fund a Monster Miles Davis Tribute purchase. They are in mint condition and should be fully burned in. They will come with everything that they come with brand new including all the Supertips, both cases, the useless little rubber revolver thingy that supposedly holds extra tips you're not using and everything else.

 It also comes with it's original lifetime warranty and one time replacement. The way this would work is if you break them or if a defect arises, just let me know and I'll contact Monster and file the warranty claim, then you'll ship it to Monster with my address on the return label. Then, I'll ship it safely to you. Or, you could also call Monster yourself pretending to be me with a new address. Either one is perfectly fine with me. If it's ever needed of course. It will ship with the original invoice and receipt so it will be your responsibility to keep up with it should any problems arise.

 I'm asking $180 shipped to your door with tracking and insurance. Paypal gift is preferred or add 3%. Check my feedback in my sig. Thanks for your time!

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