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TU-882 Vcap upgrade  

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I found that the Vcap CuTF (Copper Foil Telflon) provides the absolute best sonic improvement.




The first impression one has is that the music becomes day and night, in a warm and natural way. The CuTF capacitor allows through a much greater range of tonal colors, in proper balance with each other. I noted this while listening to the disc from Norah Jones, Come Away with Me . Her voice was beautifully rendered and reproduced naturally, with none of the sense of edginess. But most importantly one can hear Norah’s un-surpassing love for music. When the last note falls in “The long day is over”, you know that your soul has been cleansed once again.

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Victor, what does the installation of the VCAPS do to the overall price? As I recall the VCAPS are not cheap. Cheers.

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Hi Mrarroyo,


THere are 2 stages to improve TU-882


Stage 1 (C1 & C2)

Stage 2 (C5 & C6)


Yes, Vcap is not cheap..  but I find the vcap CuTF provides the best sonic improvement. It is better than TfTF (Tin/Teflon) Series .


If budget is the constraint, I suggest to use Vitamin-Q of Toichi Electric Co.,Ltd. it is around $80.00.


Vcap is more than double the price of Vitamin-Q. but the sonic improvement is   huge. 


Details coming soon...

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