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Larry....i think I'm in love with your house,and phones ;P

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Yep - I second that

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Thanks for all the nice words -- I've been off the grid for some time and missed the updates to this thread.




1. Larry at headphile is a master craftsman, I use him for all kinds of customization.  We share a first name, but I'm not him!  And there are other Larry's around here, much more well-known than me -- I'm not them either.  Just lowly wavoman!


2. Yes, I will bring the WEE to the NY meet next week.  I am impressed with how it drives the 404s, as I have posted elsewhere.


3. Hey, this is Jersey.  We have lots of gangsters and hoodlums here, but also master craftsman (my wife is Italian and totally plugged in to the local scene). One of the craftsman has fortified my headphone room with cast-iron window bars and a beautiful cast-iron door, with metal structural re-inforcements to the door jamb too (to say nothing of the Alpha Radionics alaram, wirelessly connected to the cops, plus the local police car we pay extra to cruise the neighborhood).  So breaking in will land you in jail or, if you try to ram the door, in the hospital, since your bones will break before it does. 


4. I believe my wife's preference for the 600 ohm beyer 880 over the 250 ohm is pure chance.  I do not think she could replicate this.  Repeat after me: "these headphones sound the same".  I have been fooled by the placebo effect all these years with my often-stated preference for the 600 ohm version.  Who knew?


5. Mucho thanks again to John (MD1032) and Ari (nikongod) for set-up and wiring everything!  They are the best.  I don't just mean the meet, they set-up my entire room.  The in-person, face-to-face, friendships and meets ... that's what makes this community so different from the other on-line forums I visit.  And Kerry -- he left his BHSE here, OMG!   (Both Dave's are super too, explaining things to me that I should know, etc. etc.).



-- Larry aka wavoman

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