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Forgot RYM.  That along with Last.fm's similar artist feature it is my main resource for discovering new music.  (Although the member's pretentiousness rivals that of HF.)

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1. facebook - gota keep in touch with my worldwide pals


2. http://www.fashion4home.co.uk/ quality contemporary furniture for my property business


3. Guardian.co.uk - an unbiased, informative and stylish account of the daily news and sport


4. BBC iPlayer & Channel 4 iPlayer - great shows either from the previous week or in the archive, can't beat a bit of great english TV


5. footytube - all the highlights of any game that's been played anywhere in the world

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theguardian.co.uk - news

premierleague.com - english premier league soccer (football)

etrade.com - gotta check those stocks

twitter.com - i hate facebook

last.fm - music for daysssssss

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1. Tomshardware

2. Animetake

3. Youtube

4. facebook

5. headfi

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1. Google

2. Reddit

3. T-Nation
4. Grooveshark
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In no particular order:




ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com (and its affiliates websites like cinemasnob, spoony experiment, angryjoe and so on)






Actually I cant think of fifth. But TGWTG has many subsites so it is quite enough I think.

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Just wanted to give a mention to Book-A-Minute; the blurb says


We at Book-A-Minute understand that your time is valuable. You want to experience the wonder and excitement of the fine art of literature, but reading actual books requires a significant time investment. We've got the solution for you. Our ultra-condensed books are just the ticket.



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Originally Posted by kboe View Post

1. The Blaze

2. 6moons

3. M.A. Recordings

4. Decware (to read his white papers)

5. Im going to break a rule and say Head-Fi.

It's good for reference, Many thanks to your description! It helps me out of the problem.
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WFMU (for program information and playlists)

Anything But iPod

Concept2 Rowing (I log my meters rowed daily online)

Juju.com and other job sites (looking for a new job)

Craig's List (keeping an eye on potential new places to live for when I find the job)

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1. Youtube.com

2. 4chan.org

3. Head-Fi.org

4. Ebay.com.au

5. Nba.com

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1. wikipedia

2. cnet

3. pamgolding.co.za (house hunting for my folks)

4. whatcar.com

5. amazon.com

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1. Google

2. Reddit

3. Engadget

4. Joystiq

5. The Pirate Bay

(6. YouTube)

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youtube - watch loads of stuff on here, comedy, film reviews (Gab n Dad), boxing predictions (Big Ragu mainly), skateboarding, music etc.

vbs.tv - Loads of great shows on here, but mainly go on here for their skateboard related Epicly Later'd shows

Badgerandblade - wetshaving community, give useful advice on shaving, cooking, music/podcasts, general day-to-day news, off-topic forum as well

amazon - To price check cd's/dvds throughout the year, to read reviews & check out the release dates

musicradar.com - music/guitar based website, has lots of gear reviews

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