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Is this appropriate feedback?

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OK, here's the story....


I sell some headphones to a guy overseas.


08/04: he pays

08/05: I ship, and send him the following message

On it's way! Customs form #LC710707353US

The post office said 8-15 days, so let me know when it arrives.




14 days later, here is his response on 8/19.

hey mate.  I have left feedback 4 u.  Can u als leave me a feedback.  thanks


I check the feedback, he's happy (can't post it, because he's edited it, see below). I'm don't put a big importance on buyer feedback,and I forget to do it.


40 days later, 09/29 at 7:06 am, he sends another message

You still have not left any feedback for our transaction.


On the same day, 46 minutes later, at 7:52 am, he changes his feedback from 40 days earlier

Negative feedback for this guy as he never replied to any of my PMs.  I bought a set of Pro650 and they never arrived and he wont reply to me.


As of today, 10/08, he has not disputed the Paypal payment. 


 I send him this message

Is this why you left me a false negative? Because I didn't leave you buyer feedback?

Sorry about that, I didn't realize there was a big value on buyer feedback....all a buyer needs to do is pay.

Anyway, I've checked my messages, and it looks like you got them AOK, left positive feedback, and changed your tune after I didn't leave you feedback.

I've sent the evidence to the mods, I'll let them figure it out. Too much drama for me.  


His response

 you dont have the courtesy to even respond to my PMs this is the only way I can get your attention.  People should know what a rude guy u are


 So, I’m curious what the head-fi community thinks.


Does my rudeness in not leaving feedback for a buyer warrant him changing his feedback to say I cheated him, when I didn’t?


I’m now stuck with a -1 feedback, even with past good transactions, that -1 still looks bad. I’ve contacted Jude and the mods about it, but no response yet.


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That is certainly not appropriate. Even though you should always leave feedback either buying or selling, and do so swiftly, it is no reason for the buyer to leave you a negative feedback.

You should wait for a response from the mod team. 

I believe that feedback posts should not be subject to editing after a small period of time, say 1 hour. 

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this is not appropriate of him for sure but you are also wrong.he asked you to leave him a feedback and you didnt leave or respond.

Buyer feedback is also important because when he does another transaction,people will know that he pays promptly and doesnt back up after he put his words on it.

ofcourse that doesnt justify his "childish" action but you should have gone with the flow especially since he left you a feedback.

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The fact that he is willing to lie about the integrity of decent Head-Fi sellers tells me that I never want to do business with him - I cannot trust him.  I hope the mods take this very seriously. 

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Ok guys this is not quite what it seems like.  i admit to doing the wrong thing.  I just wanted his attention as he refused to reply to me after 40 days. So yes I left the negative feedback so that he would finally reply to my PMs.  I tried to edit/delete the feedback but it wouldnt allow me to do it.  I have asked an admin to delete it so hopefully that will take place.

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I'll get this fixed. Thanks for contacting me about it. 


It might be a little while before the feedback disappears, however.

Edited by Currawong - 10/11/10 at 10:57pm
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Guys - The feedback you wanted removed has been removed.  You guys can now post the feedback you want to.

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Thanks Joe!

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