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Originally Posted by SpiralStatic View Post

I still can't believe how little clarity the Beats Studios have. My $50 FC700s have more clarity and soundstage than them.


Agreed! In fact, and this is not a joke, my S4 IEMs have better soundstage than beats.

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Hd205II is a big no no, those are the biggest piece of rubbish headphones i've ever heard. I loved the hd205 but the II's sucked bigtime.

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Originally Posted by Xymordos View Post

Originally Posted by NoKTurNal View Post

The NC pretty good

But the sound itself overall is terrible,

Not detailed, Over-Powering bass


The casing LOOKS good, but my friends has Beats Headphones, Both Solo and Full

The case is made out of cheap ass plastic, the hings breaks in a couple of months

Sometimes the Left Speaker dies


Monster Cable is what makes it a high price, with all the ads....


Cables in such a short difference wouldnt require expensive cables =.=

Overpowering bass? Really?...I heard my friend's one and thought that the bass was horrible compared to my XB700s

i think its overpowering in a bloated crappy bass with no mid or high end quality kind of way, not a "too much bass" kind of way

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I listened to every model of beats they had at best buy today.  My quick impressions were that the beats pro were actually somewhat decent.  Not $400.00 decent, but decent.  The bass was sorta flabby, and the mids and treble were recessed pretty badly.  The beats studios were awful.  The bose qc15 actually sounded better than these, but I'm fairly certain that the qc15 were helped greatly out by the bose demo because the soundstage was crazy, and most likely exaggerated by the audio.  The studio's had no treble at all.  I heard what sounded like a high hat with a pillow over it being hit in the songs I listened to.  The bass was extremely present, but not in a good way.  It sounded like a whoopee cushion it was so uncontrolled.  Could have been source issues?  Not sure, but it just wasn't a very good showing for a $300 headphone.  


My old razer barracuda's had better audio quality for music than the beats studio did.  M50 is hands down better than both.  I know that I'm listening to my own sources with ALAC and FLAC so it could be a huge factor in what I was hearing, but I could not recommend any of the beats headphones based upon what I heard today at the store.  

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I can't wait for a Fanny Wang version of the Pros for $250 and better SQ. ph34r.gif

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Originally Posted by cruiser02 View Post


http://www.youtube.com/user/Mripodfan1234?feature=mhum#p/u I have a review(my first one) on the audio technica m50. I bought them from and authorized dealer.


Spamming a dozen threads, you sir are reported.


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