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well from what i heard from you guys, both amps gonna give similar sound signature, i guess thats the signature of tube amps?

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I use my 600 ohm DT990's with the Valhalla and Bitfrost Uber and they sound great. I'm certain more expensive amps sound better but at what cost?  As written here several times, "twice the cost doesn't translate to twice the SQ or performance". At some point you need to pick a price point for your setup. Mine is $1,000. No component will cost more that that limit. Of course, that doesn't mean that you won't have duplicative components :tongue_smile:

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Iv'e been listening to another tube amp for a week or so and now am back with the Valhalla, Does anyone else perceive a slight bass exaggeration. I'm not saying it sounds bad it just seems to have a tad more bass and maybe the bass is not quite as defined,  I am also noticing a tad more etch on the highs. the other amp cost a little over 2 times as much and so in theory should sound more controlled and neutral.  At the price for the Valhalla it is a keeper no doubt, and this certainly points strongly at the point of diminishing return:beerchug: 



Diminishing returns are of course subjective. I was very happy to get the improved sound at the cost I paid 

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Based on reviews I've read, and my own experience when I briefly had the Valhalla, your observations are spot on.  I noticed a bit of crunch on the low end and grain in the upper frequencies.  For its price point, it's a good amp.  It's not perfect, however. 

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Also, if you're talking about the ampandsound vs. the Valhalla, they do have different specs.  The ampandsound is rated to go as low as 30 hz, where the Valhalla is rated at 20 hz.  You might be hearing that difference.


Is the ampandsound transformer coupled?

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I am comparing the ampsandsound SE 84, and it is transformer coupled, where the Valhalla is OTL (OTL doesn't typically relate to bass very well) so i found it odd


The SE 84 specs are not 30Hz though, Justin was simply stating Speakers with those specs bring out the amps ability to drive speakers.

Justin is not a fan of measurements (he has them if you want them) He believes the proof is in hearing, And I agree.   20 years ago I would judge equipment on measurements and over the years I found measurements don't make the amps sound appeal to me


Moreover I have found Amp topology is what appeals to me.  Ie... I find solid state to grainy and harsh, I find Push Pull designs lack detail and mid range breadth, OTL does mids and highs very nicely but lower power units tend to lack bass, SET for me had the best balanced sound and appealed to my listening most namely the 45SET amps


I can appreciate most any amp though, and follow my ears as to weather or not I want to hang on to it :wink_face:

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I just received my new replacement tubes from Schiit for my Valhalla (1st gen. #216) - and the difference is amazing. I am not sure how many hours I had on the old ones but it must have been quite a lot.


I had the feeling my tubes where "done" but wasn't sure about it, so I decided to just try. Voilà.


The difference:


- the noise floor is MUCH lower, next to none with my T90s

- seems the tubes are better matched

- overall sound is cleaner, bass is more powerful (slight), highs are sharper (as they are burning in)


So overall, I am again extremely satisfied with my Valhalla, especially with my recent addition, the T90.



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