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vitality rca audio cable

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i recently purchased from the cablepro two vitality rca audio cable's to go with my recent purchase of a headroom desktop millet hybrid. the vitality rca cables are links from the udac to desktop hybrid and to the desktop bi-amps. 


this recent upgrade to my setup is screaming at me to listen to. i cannot seem to get anything else done. background is dead with more dimension. i'm really excited the way this has all come together!


the vitality cables are absolutely beautiful with the cardas slvr rca plugs. ted is an excellent craftsman and it shows in his work.


i placed my custom order before leaving for work and by the time i got home they were in the process of being shipped. even with my screwup in ordering ted was concerned about making the correction and getting the cables to me by the time i got my desktop hybrid. 


ted is an exceptional person and his attention to customer service with concern for his product is by far the best. 


thank you ted!

richard/ noseallinit

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Ted's as sincere as they get.

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