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For Sale: Temple Bags iPad Leather / Canvas bag

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For Sale:
Temple Bags iPad Leather / Canvas bag

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought a few cases with my iPad, not knowing which I'd like using best. After a few months I've stripped it down to just one, and the others must be sold to fund other things.


This is the absolutely phenomenal Temple Bags Re-Purposed Canvas / Leather case. By far the most durable and protective of the bunch, in "like new" condition. I use quotes only because it is identical to the way I received it... the materials are WWII re-purposed and look worn by default. That's the style! 


It is this model:


And it normally sells for $148, plus shipping. Provided they have them in stock, which they often don't.


Mine is $100, and shipping in the US is free UPS. If you live outside of the USA, we'll figure out a shipping cost. 



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Hey Now,


What is the white(ish)  liner material, cotton muslin? Thanks in advance.



Finest kind,


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still available?
i kinda like to buy temple bag for my ipad?

Mandy Cy
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Interested in your temple bag if it's still available.  Please let me know.  Thanks.  -sam

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