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Fakes! is it?

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Guys, so I was wandering online and I ran through some review saying that Senn CX 550 is 20$. I was like "WTH" and tried it on eBay.

This is what i got

So, are they fakes or genuine? Thanks

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Being a bit vague there. Which one of the listings are you specifically referring to?
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I trust ebay less than my crazy ex or the guys who broke into my car.

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All items, no refine

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i am not going to buy one, just that i am surprised to see many crazy fakes (20$?)

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If it from Hong Kong/China - 99.99% sure it is fake. From any other country - 80% sure it is fake.
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Originally Posted by Stifina View Post

But I think these ones are much better cause that I am using them now. They are great.

Shoo, be gone advertiser.

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For this sort of price I'd be tempted to suggest being cautious - the may have got their hands on clearance stock and want to get rid of it quickly or they could be fakes. You can rely somewhat on the feedback the seller has but that obviously doesn't guarantee anything.


Sennheiser have a dealer locator on their website which can be helpful for working out whether something is an official product (not useful for private eBay sellers but handy for companies).

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