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House Music Anyone?

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Thanks to Pandora and other internet music sources I'm kind of getting into house. Thing is it's like when I first got into D&B the sheer amount of artists/music is overwhelming, does anybody have any good artist/album/compilation suggestions for me?


Thanks in advance

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Markus Schulz
Gareth Emery (Just released "Northern Lights" I am actually listening to it now)
Sander Van Doorn (Look for his BBC 1 Essential Mix on google it is AMAZING)
Armin Van Buuren (he does a weekly show on www.di.fm thursday)  <-- googling his past shows will let you listen and find other artists

Ferry Corsten

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I see, thanks for the posts. I'll have to give these guys a listen, I tried them all now and they passed the one-song-I-find-on-youtube test haha

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Yeah baby, house!


Electro is where it's at, but there's some other good stuff out there too. Here's some non-mainstream tracks that you may enjoy:






A couple "sure things" for the club:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqfIvPQ8Dgo (Would you believe it's from 1997?)

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^^ a newer track by armin. I actually wasn't a fan till I listened to it a few times.


http://www.amazon.com/Universal-Religion-2004-Armada-Ibiza/dp/B00049QN6C  This album from 2004 it's fantastic.




Do look for the sander van doorn essential mix I don't think you will be disappointed.

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I know this is off topic, but you stated you like D&B. Did you hear the essential mix that pendulum just released?



They threw a little of everything into it music style wise. I am in LOVE with it.





I don't know if the download works I am at work. LOOK FOR THIS!!

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Originally Posted by fiewtoid View Post

I know this is off topic, but you stated you like D&B. Did you hear the essential mix that pendulum just released?


Haha pretty on-topic considering the subject matter, but nah I tend to avoid essential mixes unless they're specifically recommended (like yours which I'm getting now) because, frankly, I don't usually have an hour to devote myself to music usually I listen in 30min or 20min blocks or even just a few songs on the bus to school, so essential mixes don't work well for me. I wish they did tho, a lot of good stuff comes out of them.

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Um the pendulum one is two hours....




haha but is WELL worht it.

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Originally Posted by Alc Jr View Post


Man this one is crazy, thanks for all the links guys. I didn't expect people to take time and effort to post for others interests, but I guess people still do that lol

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Originally Posted by fiewtoid View Post

Um the pendulum one is two hours....




haha but is WELL worht it.

Two hours? Haha I hope you're right man...but I actually think I'm taking a 2 hour-ish car ride this weekend so I will definitely have that handy on my iPod while I break in my new M50s biggrin.gif

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 Lucky! I am stuck with crappy ibuds and an old pair of HD555s. I wish I was back home where I could use my DT770/80 or pick up some m50s.

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Haha yeah they're pretty sweet. Some of these hardcore guys might insist that they're too recessed mids or bass heavy but you know, to my ears they sound like pro cans to me so I'm very satisfied lol.

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I want to pick up a pair. They say the same thing about the DT770/80s but I enjoy them and that is all that matters. I do notice a little muddyness now and then which is why I will pick up some m50s and Denon D2000s. I am addicted to headphones and I just go into head-fi. I am going to be a homeless person with a bunch of headphones after I am done purchasing all the stuff I want.






Oh and before I forget come back to this thread after you have listened to some of the stuff and tell me what you think. smily_headphones1.gif

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Yeah right now I got some albums by Corsten, Schulz, Sander van Doorn, Emery, van Helden, and van Buuren.


I just made a big playlist and I'll sift through it and see what I like but I'm enjoying it so far. I gotta save the Pendulum mix for Saturday tho haha

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I love house. Electro, progressive, minimalist, Euro, etc.


Anyone into deep house? I usually gravitate towards the soulful deviations of a sub-genre, it just has that vibe that I appreciate in production. Like liquid D&B, etc.


There's some good stuff in this thread, keep it up. 

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