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ZOTL power to HD600

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According to reviews, ZOTL seems to drive HD600 quit well. I am wondering how much power can ZOTL deliver to HD600's high 300 ohm impedance. According to OTL specs: 1w to 4 ohms and 0.5 w to 8 ohms. Has anyone compared ZOTL sound to MG Head? Is it worth the extra $400? Appreciate your input.
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I just want to buy zotl to drive my hd 600 , i get my hd600 last week and try using my arcam alpha 9 amp , the result is worse than using direct out from my marantz cd player i dunno why the sound is only loud but the detail is out of there
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Well, one of the posts here has compared the MG Head without the Negative Feedback connected (SET) to the ZOTL, you might want to check that out.


I think the ZOTL would blow away a transformer coupled non SET mg head but an MG Head OTL would stand its ground better.
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Just checked with David Berning, the inventor of ZOTL, the ZOTL output to HD 600 (300 ohm) is 30 mw which is quite low. I wonder what the output of MG head would be after OTL mod.
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For what it's worth, I compared the Zotl using Senn 600's with the Maxed out Home with the premium module and found them to be fairly similar except I found the Zotl to be sweeter, fuller, warmer.
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I find that the ZOTL has plenty of power for the HD600. I typically listen to them with the volume about half way; all the way up is way too loud. The ZOTL is faster and more dynamic sounding than the stock MG Head, which is quite good for it's price. The Head without negative feedback had more spaciousness and a sweeter midrange than the ZOTL, but the ZOTL beat the Head in every other aspect. I concur with Dave's comments about the ZOTL vs the Max/MOH.
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Thanks for the input. I am in the process of buy a head amp and the choices have been narrowed down to these two based on "reviews". The question is which one to get. The third option is to connect HD 600 to audio research tube amp (30 w). It is difficult to make decision without haed-to-head comparesion.
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Is a miliwatt 1/1000 of a watt?

What would be the ZOTL's power output (in watts and miliwatts) into a hypothetical 40 ohm load (my very real Sony R10's)?


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I just order ZOTL , I will give you some news about HD 600 and ZOTL , btw don't look at the power output your re drivin an headphone not a big bang speaker
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According to David Berning: The output of the micro is limited to about 3 volts RMS into a high-impedance load. Therefore, the power into HD 600 (300 ohms) is 3 squared divided by 300, or 30 mW. For sony it should be 225mw. What is wait time for ZOTL?
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Well 3V into HD600 will get you nearly 112 SPL, which is probably enough I would think. I doubt many people listen over 2V with HD600, I know I don't.
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