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FS: Sennheiser IE8 - $185 shipped

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For sale - lightly used IE8's.  


These babies are about 6 months old.  I am the second owner, after receiving them 3-4 months ago from a local seller who rarely used them.  Because he hadn't used them very much, I burned them in with about 50 hours of pink noise.  I have probably put an additional 100-150 hours of regular listening on them.  All of my listening has been in an office environment with no pets/children.


Condition is 9/10 simply because that is the highest a used product should receive in my opinion.  No scratches, nicks, etc.  The IE8's have a huge soundstage, great instrument separation, and I probably don't have to mention the bass.  I hate to sell them, but I am paring down my IEM collection to pay for a pair of full sized headphones.


I think the pictures should be clear enough to distinguish these from the myriad of fake IE8's floating around.  If you want a better picture (taken with a real camera instead of an outdated iPhone) just let me know.  



Everything that is included can be found in the picture below:










(note the red wire in the cable connector)

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Excellent price for an IE8.  Might I ask where everything else is?  Did you just not get any of it?  There should be a metal carrying case, more tips (bi-flange, etc. like 4-5 other sets), shirt clip, ear guides, documentation, and original packing.  I assume the carrying pouch is from a different model, although I don't know what.  The earphone itself appears genuine.  I'm just curious where everything else is.  I found package like this tied to a very obvious fake set.  I'm just not sure what it is(B-stock, referb, etc.).  Your earphone is real.  The packaging tied to it isn't normal and of which I've only seen from a knock-off Chinese product.  Why did the previous owner give you this combination?  I don't know.  For anyone else reading this, the earphone pictured is genuine.  It is exactly what it should be.  I simply don't get the accessory package and the complete lack of all oem hardware that would have normally come with this earphone.  Maybe it was a factory replacement for the previous owner and he sold both the original set and all included hardware and the replacement IEM with a knock-off hardware set.  Beats me.  Regardless, the price is nice for an IE8 and seems like a decent buy as long as the accessories aren't important to you.

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Well, that's a good question.  I am quite curious about that too!  This is everything I received from the original owner, and I guess I just assumed it had everything.  Honestly, this was my first "hi-fi" purchase, and at the time, I thought it would be my last (how naive).  The point being that I wasn't too concerned with any lack of packaging/documentation/etc as long as they were real.   I apologize for the missing pieces, but full disclosure here - what you see is what you get!

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IE8 original packaging:




eBay knock-off w/ packaging:




Now the knock-off is very obviously a knock-off.  The earphone and wiring is all wrong.  The hardware included however matches your hardware.  Why this was given to you, I don't know.  Your IE8 is genuine.  It has all the right parts and the manufacturing is up to the same refinement.  It is obviously real.  I might chat with the previous owner to get some background on the IEM though.  It's just good to know the history of the item, both to help the sale as well as provide you and the new owner some background on the product.

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Thanks for that additional information.  Unfortunately I don't really have any answers.  I have emailed the original owner and will update the thread with any responses.


In the mean time, if anyone has any concerns about the whether the earphones/cable are genuine, I would be happy to take more pictures.  Just let me know what you want to see. 

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No response from the original owner - guess it's not his problem anymore.


These are still for sale at $180.  I intentionally priced these low to compensate for the lack of original packaging, and I think the price is still fair despite the missing accessories.  The bottom line is that these earphones are genuine and pristine, period. 

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