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SOLD: MINT HeadRoom Desktop Power Supply


Product Features:

  • Provides highly regulated robust power for maximum sonic performance from HeadRoom amps/DACs
  • Can power up to six HeadRoom Desktop Line or Micro Line products (non-portable editions).
  • Use worldwide! Selectable fuses allow either 110VAC or 220VAC operation.


  • 1 'DPS' 5-Pin DIN Power Cord
  • 1 IEC Power Cord [US Standard]


Dimensions The HeadRoom Desktop Power Supply measures 6 1/4" x 6 1/4" x 3 1/3" tall and weighs in at a powerful 3lbs.








"Any hard-core audiophile will tell you that a power supply is basically as important to the sound quality as the actual electronic components in the audio signal path. If you think about it for a second, you'll note that the rapidly changing (with the audio signal) demand for current in the amplifier electronics has to come from somewhere. In an inferior power supply, this volatile, inconsistent demand for current shows up as tiny voltage variation flaws on the amplifier's power supply rails. This can cause less than articulate response, muddy detail resolution, pinched dynamics, and crosstalk between channels -- among other rather nasty-sounding things. But in an excellent power supply, like the superb voltage tracking regulator circuit in the HeadRoom 'DPS', the regulator very quickly, precisely, and accurately responds to even quite minor voltage fluctuations due to output current changes and drives the supply rail to the exact voltage specified instantaneously. The end sonic result is fully extended timbral accuracy, precise tonal texture presentation, and uber-quick dynamic range liquidity. Obscure soundstage imaging details and subtle recording nuances will also become much more clearly evident when correctly powering your Class-A high-end headphone amplifier.

The DPS is also very stable over an ultra-wide temperature range with no measureable degradation in performance. Plus with six independent outputs located on the rear panel of the unit, you can get that same seriously-upgraded power supply benefit for up to six of your HeadRoom audio components using 5-pin DIN-plug power receptacles. We feel the HeadRoom 'DPS' is easily amongst the best head-amp power supplies available on the audiophile market today, at a significantly lower cost than many other similar-quality units." -HeadRoom

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