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Tips for Sound Magic PL50?

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Sorry if this question has been asked before but when I used Google nothing helpful really came up.


I'm happy with the stock foam tips that come with my PL50. They fit my ears perfectly (haven't tried the silicone yet). The only problem is that I don't know where to buy the foam tips if I should need more. Searching on the Internet tells me that these foam tips aren't just "industry standard" but specially made for the PL50 (or am I wrong?).


Has anyone tried the PL50 with other foam tips and what were your thoughts?


Some say SONY Hybrids are the way to go but what about foam tips?

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Shure black foam (olive) can be used.

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Originally Posted by ClieOS View Post

Shure black foam (olive) can be used.



I found some on eBay. I know there are many fake/replica headphones out on eBay but what about in-ear tips? Do you know if there are any "fakes" circling around eBay?

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As far as I know, there are a few cloned Sony hybrid and Monster tri-flange on eBay, but as far as foam tips go, almost all are the real stuff.

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I own a pl50, and Im from India, can you help me with some more information regarding how I could get me some foam tips. I previously bought tips but they did not fit.




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If you can't find a store near you that carries Shure (which generally also carries their foam tips as well), the only other solution I can think of is to get them from eBay.

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In mumbai, india, there are not many stores where I can find very good iems,

Not to mention iem accessories.

I found this on ebay,

can you tell me if it is compatible with pl50?


Also I want to buy some triple flange tips too

Which out of these will fit the PL50?

Do you think the price is right or are there any better tri flange tips at a better price?

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