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Help: choosing a replacement for ksc75 (for $25 or less)

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Hi everbody
I'm looking for a replacement for my broken koss ksc75(2nd pair to go down), but as i live in Egypt the choices here are, let's say.....nothing
even the ksc75 is not sold anymore at radioshack, so i'm going to order from amazon but keeping in mind that i'll pay at least double the price for shipping to Egypt and for taxes and customs, so my budget is $25 max.
i'm looking for something like the ksc75 in its sound (a clip-on or earbud, no iem or canal earphones)
the ksc75 sounds great for me, so is there any thing in that price range that even have good balanced sound and good bass that i can hear?
i listen to almost every thing, from classical music to metal, and every cheap earbud i try sounds so flat with so little or no bass at all and the treble hurts my ear as it's so harsh.
so, i found these but don't know if their bass is good enough that i can feel it and are they overall good as a replacement for my ksc75:
Sony MDR-Q68LW
i'd love to put the yuin pk3 but with taxes, shipping and customs it'll cost me alot(about 275 EGP)

i forgot to mention, i have an ipod touch 3g, but i guess i'll go back to cowon because the jet effects are priceless and the ipod doesn't even have custom EQ,
i dont know if the device will make a diffence but i'd hope that the new earphone i get will sound good on the cowon device(J3 i guess or S9, haven't decided yet)


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I'm wondering at what you did to your ksc75s to break both pairs. I've had mine for over a year. They've been dropped, jerked out of headphone jacks, run over by my chair, smashed by droors, been yanked off my head after the wire caught, abused at the gym, and of course have had the clips yanked off on more than one occasion wink.gif. But through all that, they are still going strong. You said you live in Egypt, is it the sand?

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no not in the sands, i wonder why ppl think of Egypt as the pyramids and camels in front of the pyramids

it is as far from sand as you can imagine, it's a crowded noisy country, but if u mean deserts yeah we do have to big ones like many other countries.

i said i live in Egypt so ppl dont start telling me to get this earphone from website x or that one from website y, i can only buy from amazon now, it's the only one that can accept my credit card.


as for the ksc75 the first one the cable was detached from the right or left side(can't remember) and the second one the audio jack starts going bad until there was no sound, and i can't rewire it, i'm terrible at soldering. so it's weak point is it's cable so i have a working one but need a new cable.


back to the main question,

which one might be better? i'm liking the mx471 the most(it's cheaper, and it has some good reviews here)

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Yeah, sennheiser makes fairly well built ear buds. Just be sure to carry them in some sort of case for protection, and not in a pocket. An altoids tin makes for a great and cheap case. A standard glasses case also works well.

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Since you're looking for an earbud that does bass well, I would recommend the MX471 over the MX580.  While I feel that the MX580 is more detailed and has better clarity, it doesn't quite have the bass quantity and impact that the MX471 has.  The added benefit of going with the MX471 is its lack of volume controller and, as you pointed out, its cheaper price.

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Send your KSC75s back to Koss and utilise their lifetime warranty.

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that's one reason for mentioning i live in egypt, there is no lifetime warrenty here, i have only 3 months from radioshack, which is great as there is no warrenty whatsoever for headphones, speakers, or anything that they consider an accessory, and sending it to koss will cost me more than it's price. as for the mx580 vs mx471, well, i'd love clarity but i like a little more bass also, so i guess i'll go for the mx471, but does it come with a carrying case or anything?

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The MX471 comes with a leather-like soft pouch similar to the one for the MX581 pictured in ClieOS' MX580 / MX581 review.

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thanks for your help guys, i have ordered the mx471, i hope it arrives soon

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