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I just wanted to report on the great results I had with the Stefan Audio Arts Endorphin Power Cable ($379 new, a very light

and flexible ribbon-like cable). I am using it on my Rudistor RP010B amp with Grado PS1000s.

I tried a number of cords in a shoot out, some much more expensive, including

a Shunyata Anaconda Helix (bass-control issues), a Stealth Dream (too hyped up in the highs),

and several other well known ones (all more expensive).


Somehow this relatively cheap cable had everything I wanted, walking a balancing act perfectly in several areas.

The bass is clear and articulate and transparent and controlled but still deep (and this is one of the hardest things

to get right with power cables, I have found). That bass is "just there" without calling lots of attention to itself.

The highs are extended but not piercing or painful, and never go "over the line" sometimes as with some of the other cords.

There is just a feeling of balance and refinement. Mids and vocals are not grainy or too thick or pushy; the mids are

clear, liquid and natural, especially vocals.

I have no association with Stefan AA, I just wanted to let everyone know how great my results were with the Endorphin.


My mini review of the Rudistor (and Grado PS1000s) using the Stefan cord is here: