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FS: SS EXSTATA boards plus partial parts

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I acquired SS EXSTATA boards with partial parts, but I have no time to invest further in this (or desire to hire a builder now).  I would like to get what I paid for US$120 plus $10 shipping (although I'm not in a position to itemize all this, it was acquired from a reliable mod here).



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checking my original purchase, it was actually US$120 (not 140) plus shipping.   So my offer is US$120 plus $10 to defray shipping.

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Several people have inquired what's included.  I've paraphrased the original seller's message below (I hope he doesn't mind, but it's better than I can do), hope that helps:


SS exstata amp boards and ps boards.

Stax jack (they can be a bugger to find)

All parts for the power supply (or at least 99%) - all the bags are labeled which should help. 

Trimpot adjustment tool

Assembled dummy load for power supply testing

A few other bits, including the empty parts bags from my hybrid build which may help you source and organize parts for your SS build. They share a lot of parts. 

Also some matched Wima film caps

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SOLD, thanks

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