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FS: TWag 48" cable [Canada]

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Putting up for sale my TWag 48'' Whiplash cable for JH customs. Has the doughnut shaped bubinga wood splitter, black connectors and black heat shrink. Bought in March 2010 and has been burned in for the suggested 300 hours. The plastic tubing on the right piece was a little loose so I dabbed a spot of glue to secure it in place. Otherwise, the cable has had maybe 30 hours actual head use and has no visible blemishes.


$135 USD shipped in Canada









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i want this, will you ship to Australia?

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How much for shipping to the US? In Seattle here so not too far from Vanc.

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Where are you in Canada?  I'm in Vancouver.


Hows the condition?  Just to confirm this will work for a JH13 Pro right?  If it does and it's in good condition, I'll take it.

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