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FS: Shure SE420 (SOLD)

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Selling my 8 month old Shure SE420 IEMs. They are in great shape and work as new. I've finally decided IEMs just aren't for me - they excel in sealing out noise (great for exercise, airplanes etc.). Of all the IEMs I've had - easily the best - I just decided I prefer full size phones and they aren't getting the use so they should go to someone who will use them.


I'm including everything that came with them (except the pair of tips I used - medium size olives - although there is still an extra unused pair in this package). The original packaging, manuals etc. will be included as well. Additionally - I owned some older Shures and purchased additional tips so there is a boatload of new tips in this package - by a rough count about 15 pairs including soft olives, yellow foam, grey and clear rubber, additional olives etc.). Also - 2 cleaner tools and 2 triple flange tips (which cost me about $20). So no matter your ear size or preference - there will be a pristine clean pair of tips to suit your needs.


I am pricing these to move quickly - listing on Amazon for about $250 - I paid $200 (not including extra tips I bought that you will get). I'm asking $SOLD shipped CONUS - Paypal only. Some pictures are below. Here's my feedback:






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Price drop - nice deal for some great IEMs.

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Sale pending...

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