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FS: Little Dot I+ Hybrid + Upgrades (SOLD)

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I just bought a new Little Dot MKIV so it's time to move some stuff - hence my beloved Little Dot I+ Hybrid is on the block. What an awesome amp - specifically matched well for low impedance cans like Grado, AKG etc. I'm selling everything that came with it incl cord, jumpers (still factory sealed), stock tubes, power cord (110V version BTW). As far as upgrades - see pictures below - I replaced the stock op amp (MC33078P - which I will include) with the highly regarded LT1364. That will come in the LD I+ with the stock op amp included in case you want to swap back to it. Also - I'm including a pair of Raytheon 5654 tubes I purchased (I'm keeping a pair as well for the MKIV) to get you started on some tube rolling. I was quite surprised with these tubes which I found on eBay.


I'm pricing all of this to sell quick - asking for serious offers only - and will ignore low ball PMs. Asking $OLD PAYPAL shipped (CONUS) for everything (incl upgrades - about $20 worth) - great value! Purchased 12/23/09 - received 1/5/10 - so about 9 months old and very well taken care of. 


Here's my feedback - pictures below:







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Wow - that was fast - sales pending!

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