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Cheapest TripleFi 10 replacement cable

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Hey guys,


My cable recently broke.


I am located in Canada and UE does not seem to offer shipping to Canada... To bad because 19$ is not tooooo bad for the cable.


Westone wants 32$ for their cable, then like 19$ for shipping (WTF, right?)


Any suggestions on where I could get a replacement cable for a reasonable price?


It really is painful using iPod ear buds...



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Seriously, no one has anything to say regarding a cheap replacement? 


I understand these cables break quite frequently... 

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Last I checked, an UE stardard replacement cable is $25~$30 on eBay with free shipping worldwide.

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"break frequently" is incorrect.  Mishandled and damaged may be a better description.  I owned my pair half a year and used it a decent amount.  I see no issue with the cord outside of me specifically misusing them.  Yes, things can happen.  I wouldn't really suggest taking off the cords a lot unless you're incredibly careful.  The memory wire as far as I'm aware is copper, and sorry to say copper firms, gets brittle, and breaks after so many bends.  That's just the nature of the material unfortunately.


ClieOS brought up the oem cord.  There are also other options out there that exist, depending on if you want to change styles.  I can't really suggest anything other than being gentle with your hardware if you want to save money.

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ES Cable from westone.

Never buy a UE cable again.

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Just for reference, I have my TF10 since mid 2008 and it belongs to the older batch. I did replace the cable a few months ago but not because the old cable breaks. It is just the older cable that used to come with TF10 has a lot of memory effect and tends to coil itself up once you put the IEM in the metal case for a while. So I bought a new cable (that is used in the current TF10) to replace the old cable and I am quite happy with it (fairly low memory effect), but I could just as well use the old cable if I want to.


Note, once you use ES cable on TF10, you can't switch back as the pins on ES cable is a little larger and will expend the diameter of the socket (the original cable will fall off). Also, even Westone cable will harden up if you use it long enough, so there isn't one permanent solution. Then again, nothing lasts forever.

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Thanks for the input guys.


Didn't think to check ebay actually.


Lots of Chinese offerings, they worth going for?




is one offering


And as far as being delicate, can't say they have received any more than typical use everyday use. I run with them, and use them every day :/ and I am pretty gentle with my stuff in general.


I spliced the cable, and to be honest I am surprised they did not break sooner. The conductors must be less than a millimeter in diameter. I had ideas of soldering them together for a quick, albeit ghetto fix, but there is no point.


Is there a proper way to store a cable? normally I wrap it around my iPod when I am not using them.

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This one is kinda neat http://cgi.ebay.ca/Crystal-Upgrade-Cable-Ultimate-ears-/270593811024?pt=Other_MP3_Player_Accessories&hash=item3f00a5e250#ht_1070wt_1137


But really I just want one that  A) conducts electricity and B) will last


And an L connector would be ideal I suppose.

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