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M9 or PR100/PR200?

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Looking for something for work that isn't too fancy.  Anyone have experience with the M9 that has the mic and controls attached?


How would these compare to my older Senn CX300 that just died?  Improvement?  


How would they compare to Klipsch S4i or ADDIEM?

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idk about the ADDIEM ones but I have both the S4 and the M9 and the Klipsch IEMs are much better than the M9s...but theyre also more expensive but worth it

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The M9 mic works pretty good. And with the current Meelec offer, they are a steal. The only downside is no volume control etc. Its just a single button.


The M9s are very fun sounding earphones( Mid-bass hump etc.) .I was just thinking it might be too energetic for listening @ work.

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Right, the M9 doesn't have the controls, just a single button. Personally I prefer the PR100/200 to the M9 (and the ADDIEM) but they might sound a bit too calm after the CX300. Balance is very good on ECCI earphones and they roll off gently on either end - no monster bass or hyped-up treble there (in stark contrast to the M9 and S4). Plus they have a thick presentation which may make them boring to some. The ADDIEMs sound much thinner and crisper. They are more detailed than the PR100/200 and have better clarity but they don't round off notes as well and sound a bit too analytical and artificial for their own good. 


All of these are an improvement from the CX300 in my book but you may need time to adjust after the warm and muddy Senns.


Not sure if you want other suggestions but mp4nation is currently selling the Brainwavz M1 for $29.50 shipped which is a killer deal.

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I prefer PR200 over M9 too, I think they're more balanced and have better clarity.

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