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The "luxuries that I give up to save some money" thread.

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I thought it would be a good idea to see what fellow Head-fiers skimp on in order to save some money. Certainly, you don't need to be cheap, but you just give up something to have more money for other things.


Let me start!

1. Smoking, drinking, any other addictive habits (except music and photography, which in themselves are expensive).


2. Buying used items. (Buy a large majority of things used. My cds (from amazon, or local here in NYC), equipment, books, really many things, are purchased used.)

For example, today I purchased Spoon's Gimme Fiction at Other Music. It cost me $7.99. If I bought a new copy, it would be 13.99+tax.


3. Video games. I quit because I simply feel that I don't find enjoyment "shooting the day away" while everything else continues. It makes me especially sad to see the sun set, and knowing that I spent so much time in front of a screen.


4.Plastic water bottles. I don't buy them anymore. I find that they don't taste very well, so I bought a Klean Kanteen, which I can refil (saving me money! and the environment at the same time)



I'll probably think of other things, but this is a good list to start.

What's yours?

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Coupon websites. www.rtui.com is one that reproduces cash register tapes from a grocery store in your zip code.

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As a non drinker and smoker I have plenty to spend on toys.

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As a non drinker and smoker I have plenty to spend on toys.


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I don't smoke, drink alcohol, chew gum, or drink expensive coffee products. I maybe drink one can of pop ("soda" if you prefer) every two weeks. I instead drink freshly brewed loose leaf teas which provide exceptional value for the money. For example, the green tea I drink (Den's Sencha Fuka-midori) works out to ~$0.12 per serving since I steep it at least twice. If I'm not drinking tea I'm probably drinking water. Since I live in a dorm I previously drank bottled water but I've since switched to a Brita pitcher. The tap water is beyond hard and tastes like whatever pipes they used in 1939. With the Brita the water is rendered drinkable with much less expense.


My snack of choice is pretzels since they're relatively inexpensive and healthier than many other options.

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If I gave up take out food at work and brought lunch and dinner that would save a bundle... I really should get around to that.

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Interesting thread!


When grocery shopping I go through the weekly junk mail and stock up on items on sale. I dont mind waiting for sales when I buy electronics, clothing and things like that, and even then I often use price comparison websites to find the best deals.
I only eat out a couple of times during the work week (one reason is the food at my workplace is substandard. The coffee also is unpleasant and I dont like instant coffee so I drink mainly water). I also dont drink or smoke.
I put most purchases on my credit card so I can defer payments. Note that I always pay off my credit card before I get charged interest.

I have no debts (besides about $30000 in student loans but that only gets indexed at the inflation rate so I havent bothered paying that off) as I'd rather not spend my money servicing loans.

I stopped all my magazine subscriptions as I never read them.

I refuel the car only on days when it's cheap.


Being a poor university student for many years taught me to be thrifty so there's probably plenty more things I can't think of at the moment.

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magazine subscriptions , yea i don't buy magazine at all and not even newspaper.  i buy a lot less clothes

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Owning a car!

I gave that up 6 1/2 years ago - after having been a car owner since 1990. It was just a major money drain ($10.000 a year) and no longer worth it..

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What about that motorcycle, Kai? biggrin.gif (Can't blame you!)

I completely agree about cars, though. I have to have one, but bought an inexpensive, reliable one when I could have spent a lot more. When you add up the interest, insurance and upkeep, cars get expensive fast. I'd rather have an inexpensive daily driver and I keep an antique around for a little fun - I've had the other car for nearly 22 years. The motorcycle was inexpensive, too, and I plan to keep it instead of getting a new one.

I should admit to a weakness for older Ducatis. I might yield to one, even though I know the upkeep isn't ideal.
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I don't give up any habits but I turn the frequency down, on partying and when I'm forced to, expensive food (not all good food is expensive, but some expensive cuisine is good, and there's no way around that). 

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I do not smoke, gamble, do not go to "gentleman's" club, etc to save money. However I have way too many toys: fountain pens, music, stereo gear, cars, ... Maybe I need a 2nd job!

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I seldom buy new technology (except SSD) as it's really expensive when the demand is high, I'm not in need right now.. and don't care about what the surroundings dictate. Recently I bought myself a TV after a major price-drop, when the LCD technology first appeared the price was ridiculous, now the king(s) of the street buy themselves 3DTV and God knows what.



But.. it all adds up I guess.. guilty pleasures like single malt, exclusive beer etc. 

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You can save some money by not paying your TV licence fee.

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Like others said, I don't smoke, drink, or buy top of the line electronics that have just become available/are relatively expensive like SSDs or 100" screens. I'm patient enough to wait out a few more years till they become more reasonable, w/ the exception of cars for which I'm willing to fork out a little extra for the feel of luxury. My 'phones addiction has rolled off a little so that's also a good sign.

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