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Hearing loss?

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I was listening to my SM3 and somehow I noticed that the bass was coming stronger on my right side.  Hmm, it must be something wrong with the earphone, I thought.  So I cleaned the left noozle, adjusted the tips and still same problem.  So I tried my cx300 and long behold same problem.  So I switch sides and changed MP3 player, put just the right earphone on my right ear and then put it on my left ear.  Then I put just the left earphone on my right ear and then put it on my left ear.  The conclusion, I can hear bass on my right ear, but I can't on my left ear.


I don't listen to very loud levels, but I do listen all the time at work.  I also have a mild titunus on my left ear.  So I am loosing my hearing, so sad!

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Before you jump to conclusions, perhaps a visit to a physician or, better yet, an audiologist is in order.  You may be losing hearing, or maybe there is wax or some other obstruction.  An audiologist can provide objective information about your hearing and your options.   Good luck.

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lately have u been sick ? got cold or sth ? I have and I cant hear well with my right ear too. Maybe same happened to you. Or probably you gotta clean your ear up =) Dont be pessimistic

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Hey! I've had a bout of tinnitus for about 1 month plus now, and it hasn't been going away. I don't listen to very loud music too. I've been to the doc and audiologist so I guess I can sorta understand how you feel. But no worries and don't fret. Drop by the doc's or an audiologist and schedule for a hearing test and find out if anything's wrong. The doc's might have an idea of what's happening to you and will know how to deal with your issues, if any. So don't jump to conclusions just yet.


Take logical steps to find out what's happening right now, and to protect your hearing. I hope you get better! (:

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Hi All.  Thanks for the encouragements.  I going to see the audiologist.  Hopefully it is something else.



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Okay wait before you going running off to your local doctor, load up a track recorded in mono. If you here a litte to left or right this is perfectly normal most people ears are a tinny bit stronger to one side.

Also alot of tracks have imbalance in the channel, this is why every human should get Cowons, kiddin anyhow I'm a leftie, so cancel the "your going deaf" unless you want to freely give away your stuff. Question just curious how old are you?

Sidenote: Just incase do some online hearing tests to see which ear is weaker and by how much. Good luck
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I woke up one day a few years ago and found out that I lost the bass response in my left ear and I went to see an Otologist right away. He couldn't find anything wrong with my ears and so he sent me to an audiologist for a hearing test. I went back to the Otologist the next day and he told me that my hearing was fine, absolutely nothing wrong according to the hearing test.


However, since the hearing test only involves frequencies between 8k to 125Hz, it was a complete waste of time.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the bass response came back after about a week and the Otologist couldn't give me any explanation to how or why it happened, so don't worry too much, wait a week and hopefully, it'll be just fine. Good luck. wink.gif

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Read his post and mine and find your sanity.
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