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Tivoli Model Two
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A 40GB hard disk for my MP3 player (took me 2 minutes to upgrade).

A 4-pack of Penguin-reds (Yeah! A place to house my Hansen boards! And *very* yummy.)

A Linux-penguin security badge holder.

And, a gift to myself, a pair of AKG K-501s which shoul dbe here Friday.

Best of all, I got my girlfriend a PS2 and a game she wanted. I also got her an Audigy MP3 (I know, I know... she wanted it).
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Head-Fi'ers should get JMT stuff that he'll probably need, like more soldering iron tips, extra drill bits, a nice workbench, etc. In other words, give him gifts that are really for us.

Originally posted by JMT
  • Dremel Power Tool w/ all of the attachments
  • Ralph Lauren/CHAPS Polo jacket
  • $100.00 gift certificate to Tower Records
  • Assorted shirts and ties
  • The best gift I received: Watching my kids open theirs
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I must of been a good boy this year, because Santa was good to me. I got a computer, new leather jacket, and a citizen watch. Oh yeah, I also got a ton of CDs.
Merry Christmas!
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Since I discovered HeadWize earlier in the year, just about every week has had a little bit of Christmas in it for me. So I didn't ask my wife or kids for anything.........after all, I just got an iPod and iMac last week. But they sprung for some stuff anyway:
The Sopranos Complete 2nd Season DVD
The Godfather Trilogy DVD
Doctor Zhivago DVD
Doctor Zhivago Soundtrack (vinyl)
Empire of the Sun DVD
Thirteen Days DVD
a wallet.........unfortunately, not much to put in it because of this site!
With all these DVDs, I'll now be forced to upgrade my 19 inch TV to one of those big babies!
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What kind and size of scope?
Audio Redneck, it's a Celestron NexStar 4.

This is my first telescope, and I don't know too much about it. It is a Maksutov Cassegrain type, with a 102mm lens. I was using it earlier this evening, and it produced a very good image of the moon, revealing many craters and a lot of surface detail. I like it very much, but perhaps I will one day get something better.
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Great xmas for me. My X-CaV2 arrived on Dec 25th from London. And working in a Buddhist country was a benefit because the post office was even open on Xmas to pick it up! It's a thing of beauty to me at the moment. I popped in my vintage Amperex/RCA tubes practically from the get-go (heck I paid so much to import them, you KNOW they were going in) and, oh yes, it sounds mighty fine for my first dedicated heaphone amp for my HD600s!

Only problem is now I'm itching to treat myself to a new CD player to match it. Hm.... 3 more hours until the mall closes.

Oh yeah. A very cool gift from my wife was the DVD of Moulin Rouge. It's the coolest DVD I've ever gotten. Cool extras and a really hip design.

Merry Xmas

Hey, Joelongwood, I bought these for my mom.
The Sopranos Complete 2nd Season DVD
The Godfather Trilogy DVD
Great minds think alike!
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Well....from my girlfriend....do you know song #1 from Bad Company--Straight Shooter? This is a family site, after all.

Also, I got The Great Book Of Amber. It's all ten parts of the Amber Cronicles by Zelazny.

Ran--Akira Kurosawa
Yojimbo--Akira Kurosawa
Samurai 1,2,&3
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a 12W class B tube amp kit, w/o tubes (uses 4-6bq5 3-12ax7).
Senn HD 580s en route from Todd R.
PC board etching supplys
512MB pc133 RAM (one stick)
A Brief History of Time and The Universe in a Nutshell -Steven Hawking
Dispatches from the Tenth Circle- an Onion collection (any Onion readers here?)
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My wife got me an Archos jukebox Studio 20 mp3 player/harddrive
My kids got me a carcover and recliner
My Dad and Brothers got me a REALLY nice TIG welder.
But the best gift was having the day off from both my jobs to be at home for the first time in three years to watch my kids open their gifts.after all that has happened this year there was no way in hell I was working on Christmas day.
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I got lots of good stuff!

Lakers Tickets for me and dad (i've always wanted to go to a Laker game, but seats cost a fortune!)

Hilary Hahn: Brahms/Stravinsky Violin Concertos
Steve Reich Triple Quartet (Kronos)
Gladiator Soundtrack (thanks, Jude!)

Roald Dahl: The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and 6 More
David Mamet: Oleanna
Caryl Churchill: Plays one
Harold Pinter: Betrayal

The Simpsons 1st season DVD set

...and a gorgeous Violin Calendar
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I got the usual stuff from my parents (clothing, self made cookies, mordillo calendar, after shave...), who got an Acer Travelmate 212TX from me - and especially my mum really likes it. And now my father thinks about some wireless dsl solution... For myself I ordered a Psion 5MX - these are on sale on www.psionshop.de for 598 DM (~ US$ 250), now.

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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Originally posted by Voyager

Audio Redneck, it's a Celestron NexStar 4.
That's a nice scope! Point it at Saturn and I think you will be pleasantly surprised (It should be the bright star to the lower right of-almost behind-the Moon tonight and to the left of the Moon Friday night.)

Have fun!
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Lets see what did I get for christmas...

Post it notes...?
an eraser...???? (a single eraser individually wrapped)
M and M's
A long sleeve shirt
Socks... (argh, every year the dreaded socks)
Prayer of Jabez (a book)
1,000 min phone card
Several pairs of Boxer shorts
The human figure by John H. Vanderpoel (drawing book)
Jeans and shirts
TDK 24x/10x/40x cd burner
Money which I used to buy some well polished black boots
A black sports coat
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Gladiator Soundtrack (thanks, Jude!)
Jude got you a CD? Jude, where's mine???
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