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So, what loot did you get?

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For anybody celebrating the holidays by exchanging gifts, what loot did y'all get? So far, I've gotten:
- Terminator 2 DVD
- Bunch of Calvin & Hobbes comic books
- Money

I'll update my list tomorrow.

Oh, and look, my 1501st post. jude, man, king me!
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Dog Gone It!

You beat me to it. Oh well...what I what to know is what is the best AUDIO present you got (ones you bought for yourself don't count unless it was paid for with Christmas loot)...

My Sony V6's (this may be cheating as I got them 2 months ago, but since they were the main thing my wife gave me, I'm counting them)
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I brought myself Clou 212 Red Jaspis Headphone Cable and an extra pair of Grado Bowl pads. I also got money, more money, and a nice sweater.

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Nintendo Gamecube & games, some audio electronics stuff for building some cables... thats it...
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So far I got:
-Neutral Milk Hotel: In the Aeroplane over the Sea
-Star Wars: TPM DVD

I will post again tomorrow on what I got in the morning.
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lotsa money, in many different forms

a new Gerber Knife

numerous CD's

the biggie: a Tabla set...

I'm very happy about these. I'm lucky enough to love extremely close to the headquarters of Tabla.com, and my naturally my teacher knows the guy who runs that company. Therefore, I was able to get a handpicked tabla set . So now I'm taking tabla lessons, and will be for quite some time. That's basically where all my money is going (and I thought I'd be getting a new source :P).
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Nice rug, Neruda.

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Well, a few of the following I opened a few weeks early, but I'll list what I've received so far:
  • Etymotic ER-4S earphones
  • Cardas XLR Caps (one pair) to cover the headphone jacks on my Max when they're not in use
  • 25 mL bottle of ProGold (and a couple packs each of the Caig cotton and polypropylene lint-free cleaning cloths)
  • Chopin Nocturnes played by Arthur Rubinstein 2-CD set
  • Tracing Astor: Gidon Kremer plays Astor Piazzolla CD
  • Star Wars: A New Hope (the soundtrack to the movie Star Wars) 2-CD set
  • Emmylou Harris Red Dirt Girl CD
  • Chris Thile Not All Who Wander Are Lost CD
  • Renée Fleming Renée Fleming CD
  • Bela Fleck Perpetual Motion CD
  • Bob Dylan Love and Theft CD
  • Barbara Bonney Fairest Isle CD
  • XLO/Reference Recordings Test/Burn-In CD
I may receive a few more things, and I'll add anything audio/headphone/music-related to the list.
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Looks like all I got so far is a day off...
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I only got two audio-related gifts:

- A pair of Etymotic ER6s (they haven't arrived yet though)
- Metallica - ...And Justice For All (wonderful album, but the sound quality is pretty bad)

Other stuff I got:

- A new cell phone (go here and click on try the phone to check it out)
- A new alarm clock
- Money (always nice )

I'm very happy with what I got obviously, I never expected so much.
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So far I've gotten:

- Money
- Clothes
- X Box

Those are most of the major things so far. I should be getting a few more things as the day progresses. I'll keep you all updated
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Originally posted by chych
Nintendo Gamecube & games, some audio electronics stuff for building some cables... thats it...

Sorry, I have to ask... did you get Super Smash Brothers Melee?
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Here is the complete, day-after-Christmas, matter-of-fact list:

- Hot Wheels McDonalds trailer rig.
- Crash Bash for PS, Maken X, Trickstyle, Virtua Athlete 2K, Wild Metal for DC.
- One PS control, one DC control.
- Driving gloves.
- Oakley a-wire sunglasses.
- A lotion (forget the name).
- M&M's dispenser.
- Fruitcake.
- Veuve Clicquot champagne bottle.
- Silk tie.
- Monster Beetle 1/24 scale car.
- Victorinox blade.


AKG 501s!!! (But they didn't arrive on time).

Whew. Was I such a good kid all year?!?
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Denon DCM-270 (Yay! A source!)
A few CDs:

Beethoven's 5th (Infinity Digital)
Sigh - Imaginary Soundscape
Apocalyptica - Cult
Lacrimosa - Fassade

Other stuff:

A soldering iron
some racks for my audio stuff! My computer gets my desk back.
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I got a source!

Denon 370!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

No more MD for me!
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