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Ipod has a bad habit. Help!

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It seems that lately my Ipod Classic has developed a bad habit.  I'll be playing a tune and all of a sudden it will stop.  It's like someone flipped a switch.  It's suddenly dead quite.  After a couple of seconds the next tune in the album will start playing and everything seems ok.  Has anyone else experienced this and if so do you know the cause and maybe the cure?  Thanks a lot...

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Couple of suggestions:
1. Force restart the iPod
2. Reinstall the firmware if the problem persists

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Thanks krmathis.  I'll see if I can figure out how to do it. 

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Press and hold the Menu and Center (Select) buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears, about 6 to 8 seconds. No iPod Classic around here, but seems like those are the keys.


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I'm afraid you're probably SOL. Mine does that (skips to the next track for no reason). I first tried re-encoding tracks, then a restore. Also tried using a different format (FAT32 instead of HFS, since I have both Macs and Windows computers available). Nothing.


So, gave it a Google and guess what I found on the Apple Support Forums? A 200-post thread of users with the same problem.


Anyway, to save you reading through the thread, there is some hope: if you set your backlight to 'always on' (and lowest brightness, to save on the battery) it won't skip any more, but it does reduce playtime significantly. If you charge frequently it probably won't matter. Also, if it's within warranty then you might get a replacement, although for some people the replacement had the same problem (and for others, their iPods were returned since nothing was found to be at fault).


Just out of interest, what kind of files do you listen to, and what HDD size Classic is it? Mine are all mp3s (192-320kbps), from a 120GB. I think some people found converting their libraries to AAC solved it, but bleh, hassle. As far as I know there were no other guaranteed suggestions. The last post is actually me expressing my annoyance at some guy who basically said it was just corrupt mp3 files, and that was a bit ago. Wonder if Apple fixed it.


EDIT: And yeah, reset is centre+menu, but I guess you've already figured that one out.

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Hey there!  Thanks to all for the suggestions.  It's a 120gb and some is mp3 at 320 and later I set it to Apples lossless setting.  Seem to have trouble with either one.  I'll try your ideas and see what happens and will post again.  Appreciate you being such a bunch of sharing guys...

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Been using the Ipod for almost a week with the back light turned on and set to low.  It works!  No stopping or any other problems and it does not seem to run the battery down much.  Thanks a bunch for the idea! 

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I have a relatively new Classic 160 and have never had that problem. My old (now dead) classic also hasn't done this. I have had a Fuse do it with flac files.

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