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B&W P5 Replacement Cord Warning

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The iPhone remote cord of my P5s wore out. I caught it on too many things walking around the city, basically. I emailed customer service, and they agreed to send one out to me ASAP, which was great. Great customer service! I just wanted to point out that if the headphones hadn't been under warranty, it appears that the replacement cord would have cost $50.68 or nearly 17% of the purchase price.


I'm a headphones newb (which is probably why I have the P5s in the first place), but doesn't that seem kind of exorbitant? 

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This is an old thread, but I felt that it was worthy enough to bump. Many thanks to the OP for posting a scan of the invoice, since B&W doesn't tell you how much they are on their site.

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They say the part is $30.05. 







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That is very expensive..


Now, I must say, the addition of a remote device inline for use with the ipod, with a quality mic IS a very convenient technology and admirable when one thinks about it..and I don't know if this quality tech on a cable such as these usually run at the price point..it's possible.


Mac compatible stuff is always pricey..


... they sell $100+ notebook cases within the Mac stores, and the cost of Mac batteries and compatible gear is always so exorbitant, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if this is the case..


BUT if these features are not needed, a common MP3 player cable with gold plated connectors and 60-70cm in length that WILL work with them can be found for about $10USD..


I have found cables as well used on Sennheisers available for them as well (no remote) that run 6ft in length that will fit without mods necessary as well if that interests you ..


Do an *auction* search 2.5mm to 3.5mm and see what you find...


Best regards

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Sorry for rewaking the thread, but the cable can be found for GBP 17 at http://www.custom-cable.co.uk/b-and-w-p5-replacement-1.2-metre-lead-including-mic.html which works out to USD 28.

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OE2 headphones replacement audio cable - Black (Amazon)

http://www.bose.com/controller?url=/shop_online/headphones/audio_headphones/accessories/oe2_audiocable_acc.jsp (Bose)

I tried the original replacement cable for Bose OE2 on my P5 and they worked perfectly. The only downside is that, it doesn't have the microphone/iphone control on it.
But for $6.95 it's a good deal, Bose usually ships them for free!

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I know this is an old thread, so the update might not be valuable, but I came across it when trying to decide whether to get the replacement cable with mic (long ago lost) or without (recently broken).


If you're in North America, you can order the parts from B&W's replacement store (in warranty or out of warranty) for USD $13.99 and USD $6.99 respectively. 





Maybe B&W has realized the error of their ways and dropped the cabling prices dramatically (they are more expensive on the retail site accessories, but not nearly $50) or maybe they wanted to make the warranty seem more valuable?


Did anyone find the non-B&W cables to be an improvement?

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