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Hey Everyone,


I'm looking to upgrade my iPod listening buds. I own the UM2 as my stage monitors, and I love the way they sound, but I'm nervous about carrying them around with the iPod since they're around $300. I love the way they fit, and the around the ear design combined with the low profile are fantastic. I really want the UM1's, but I was wondering if they are comparable with the UM2 for casual listening. I like a "fun" sound, and am somewhat of a basshead, so I might need something else. 


I want the IEM's to look similar the UM2, and be extremely comfortable. I own a pair of Skullcandy Titans and Asyms right now the the iPod. They sound alright to me, the Titan's having a nice bass kick, and the Asyms having the design I want. (I know Skullcandy has a bad rap, but it was before I found head-fi smily_headphones1.gif)