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SOLD - Aune DAC/AMP upgraded

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Up for sale is my Aune DAC/AMP I'm the third owner.


List of upgrades (copied from PM I didn't do any of this myself)


The power supply has been upgraded to a Elpac 18V 1.3A

Changed the single Burr Brown 2604 opamp from the amp stage to 2 mono AD797 opamps on Brown dog adapter

Changed the DAC's opamp from the Burr Brown 2134 to the LM4562


I'm not sure how to open this but if you'd like internal pics I'll see what I can do. This a great  sounding amp and dac combo.

I'm only selling it as I picked up a stand alone dac and really won't need this anymore.

I'm looking for $SOLD shipped in the US OBO

would also be interested in trading this for an amp.





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Hi. Am I missing where the price is listed?

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Hi, It's sold as the title sates. Thanks

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