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Shure 840's or beyerdynamic dt990 pro? Any other pair of headphones that would suit my needs?

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I am looking for a pair of headphones to succeed my hd 25's. The cable just broke, and I was wanting to upgrade anyway, so I decided I would sell them on here. (Haven't done so yet). I will probably sell them for around 110 euro's if possible.

I would like them to be kind of noise isolating because playing at a lower volume is better for my ears smily_headphones1.gif

I've seen some praise on both them, and I would like to know which one is the best or if you could reconmmend me any other headphones within the range of 200 euro's which suits my needs.


First of all I'm am really an allrouder I listen to lot's of diffrent kinds of music. Like. 



(Alt.) Rock.

(Death.)  Metal. 



Gorillaz. (Hip-Hop wouldn't be fair for them smily_headphones1.gif

Some classical.


Also please consider I will be wearing these around my neck for at least 8 hours a day (@school). So they have to be kind of comfortable being around my neck.




Please, I need a new pairs of phones, these stock iPod earplugs are killing me(!), as you might understand.

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FWIR, I suggest considering the HD25-1 II. 

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Lol, you know I want to upgrade don't you... I didn't like the bass on the hd25's, when I listened to my friends px100 I found the bass to be better on his headphones :O I just can't really enjoy any kind of bass heavy music like dubstep or chillout on those phones.


O and yeah I guess they can't leak too much sound too since I'll be using them in class.

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With your musical taste I would stay far away from the Shure's.


Actually, I'd stay far away regardless but that's another story...

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I thought the Shure was an allrounder? Why should I stay away?

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Originally Posted by OlimoronioView Post

If you like your phones to be boring, flat sounding, non-musical and with bloated bass then... GO FOR IT!!!



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The 990 Pro would be a bad choice for at school because they are open and leak, and they also need a strong amp.


The Shure's are a bit bland, but more importantly they weight a ton and won't sit comfortably around your neck.


If you could happen across a DBI Pro 700, they have a great sound signature and I have a couple students that tote them around.  They are a bit tight around the neck, but they are sturdy enough to go in a backpack or whatever.


Beyond that, the Shures you should be looking for are the 750DJ.  FWIR, they have a punchier sound signature, and are more comfortable to boot.

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Perfect description.

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get a LISA III and a DT990

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The Shure 840 ain't that bad. For bass tracks that is. However, I find it a tad uncomfortable, almost as much as the DJ750s.


I'm an all-rounder like you with the exception that I listen to bossa nova, etc, I find that it's only suitable for gorillaz (stylo's a good track), linkin' park, system of a down, stereophonics, etc. When it comes to other genres, I find it rather lacking.


I work in a audio visual concept store and I get to play with these babies all day long.

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Someone reconmended the dt 770, how do those feel around the neck? SQ ect.?
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I own the DT990 PROs and the SGH440s (not 840). The 990s sound great. I'm totally satisfied with their bass (they are the most bass-heavy of the beyer lineup, I believe). But for sound attenuation? Uh, no. They're straight up open. In a quite environment, everyone will know what you're listening to. Hopefully the 840s sound better than the 440s, because "bland" is a pretty good way to describe them after listening to the beyers. They are also uncomfortable in a major way. If the 840s improve in this too, then it could be worth it. I like the collapsable design and detachable cord.

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