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Do people in Austria just have really small heads or what? (AKG complaint thread)

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Yes, of course sample size is small, but I just got AKG K701s, and, as before with my K81DJs... the headband is simply too small. I know I have a giant noggin, but all my other headphones are able to fit comfortably without needing to hit the max setting. On both AKG sets the biggest setting still isn't enough, and immediately I could tell they were going to become painful within the next few hours. Lo and behold, after about 15 minutes I began to notice the pressure at my temples (the tops of the pads) was becoming extremely annoying. I haven't even had the chance to let the bumps in the headband dig into my skull yet because the lateral pressure is too much. It's too bad, because I actually think they sound absolutely awesome.


For those of you who have the same issue, does it get better over time? Can I bend the headband in a "thinner" U shape? I'm not sure what the "wires" are made of so I don't want to go breaking anything after just having received these headphones.

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I like to wear my headphones low & somewhat loose. Beyer and seen dont get it. I consider myself to have a slightly larger than average gourd, but come dangerously close to topping out beyers & senn's.


Accomodating reallllllly big headed people would not hurt...


ooh yea, I maxed out K701's


OOH! The DT48 fit me. But they clamp like whoa.


I wish the R10 had ever so slightly more room "under" the headband but I max that out too. 


I do get somewhat funky with tilting headphones. but they sound better that way frown.gif

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When I first got mine I found the headband was pretty uncomfortable. I don't notice it at all anymore though. I think you just need to give them some break in time to let them loosen up. I love the k701s too, couldn't bring myself to sell them

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I'm just afraid, because the K81DJs sounded great at the time, but caused me so much pain after even only an hour of listening that I was forced to sell them. I spent a LOT of time trying to bend that headband, too, and no dice. I was pleasantly surprised when I couldn't find a fault with the K701's sound signature upon first listen, too. I can see why they're called bass deficient, but my progression of headphones has slowly brought me, step by step, almost to the point of preference... They sound shockingly similar to MS1000s, which I prefer over HD650s. The velour pads are really comfortable, too - it's just their stupid headband design. Grr!

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I think ultrasone hfi780 worst out of hd650, k702 and ad700 is most comfy for my head and I got big melon.

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well, it looks janky, but the headband discomfort is gone. They sound maaahhhhhhvelous. I'm really digging these things. I've had them on for three or four hours and the nubs on the headband only hurt a little bit. After my "fix", I realized how easily they could have solved this issue - if the non-movable white part (whose only function seems to be to affix the two wires/cables together and to be the "maximum" for the headband adjustment piece) could be moved up a centimeter each, it would fit just perfectly. Anyone know how these are attached? Glue, perhaps?

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I found them to be big....


I guess I have a small head.... and brains....



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Originally Posted by MomijiTMO View Post

I found them to be big....


I guess I have a small head.... and brains....




The cups themselves are quite large (much larger than I expected), but if you found the headband fit to be too large, even at the smallest setting... wow  just goes to show the huge variance in human physiology, I guess.

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I have grados at the smallest setting tongue.gif

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Yep, AKG's design isn't very good in general. The K601 fits me fine, but I can see the problem; if I pull them to the fully extended position, the tops of the ear pads don't push the tops of my ears by much.

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hehe, SONY sure seem to aim some of their phones such as the CD900ST at kids....this thing tortured the top of my ears big time, just like the HFI-780. I know many ppl who ditched the latter due to major comfort issues. Maxed out, the headband felt 10 pounds of rocks.

I like the T50RP, it could even fit a gray alien images?q=tbn:W4mv6OFcUa5FkM

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yep, most of my akg's don't fit my huge head well.

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My akg k240's fit me fine... And I have a pretty big head, even for a 165lb 6'2" guy.... I thought that akg's could fit anyone.
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