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AKG K77 vs. AKG K99

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Hey, y'all!

I'm a newb here and I wanted to learn more about awesome headphones and upgrading from my Panasonic RP HTX7.


At my local music-gear store they have a pair of AKG K77 and AKG K99.  The K77 is closed-back and the K99 is open-back.  


I know these aren't the greatest headphones out there, and I'd really like to purchase one of these two headphones as they are both readily available to me.  I like to listen to a wide range of genres simply from my Macbook.  I've learned a bit during my lurking of this forum, like the lower ohm rating, the easier it is to drive.


I'm probably going to purchase a pair of more advanced headphones in the future as I slowly become an audiophile, but for now I really want one of these AKGs.  I've been reading mixed reviews about the K99 and nothing but good ones for the K77. 


Sorry for the long first post/thread!  

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I'm also a newb here, but all i can say is, you should first audition them and see which one you like. Your ears will always be the better judge than written text on a website. Now i don't know much about the k77 or the k99, but obviously with the k77 being closed, your gonna get better sound isolation and more bass quantity. With the k99 being open, they're gonna leak alot, but u get the spacious soundstage, and lush mids/highs. hope this helps

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I owned the K77's and they are pretty nice.   I'm curious to how the K99's sound myself.  They go for about $40 shipped on ebay which is pretty good, my 77's cost $69.99 at the time....  If I were you though I would look into the JVC Harx700, they got great reviews and you can get those for $35 shipped.

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Akg K99 is down to ~$39 on Amazon; meaning it is currently cheaper than K77. Just FYI for anyone looking up this thread. biggrin.gif
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Just received my K99s, and I like them. They are super comfy and I love the suspension head band. They seem to be burning in quickly and by a large margin: sound is getting better and better as I listen.

Edit: the soundstage and clarity seem to be slowly increasing with burn in; or my ears are burning in, either way:D
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Originally Posted by PaulCat View Post

 The K77 is closed-back and the K99 is open-back.  


Hey everyone,


I know, this is an old thread, but it keeps turning up in the search results of various search engines.


Somehow many people think, the K77 is closed-back - even in reviews. But that is not true.


The K77 is semi-open/closed.


See AKP page (http://www.akg.com/pro/p/k77perception).
Just to be sure, I asked a AKG service technician.



Kind Regards

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Since this one has already been necroed, in case someone is getting this page on a search instead of the main review page, don't forget these need to be amped to sound good, despite low impedence. Also, there's a current massdrop for the 99s: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/akg-k99-audiophile-headphones
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