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Brisbane Meet - March 2011 - Page 15

Poll Results: When should we have our next meet?

Poll expired: Feb 25, 2011  
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    November 2010
  • 15% (3)
    December 2010
  • 35% (7)
    January 2011
  • 5% (1)
    February 2011
  • 45% (9)
    March 2011
20 Total Votes  
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Hang on is the meet tomorrow? ph34r.gif

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Originally Posted by Hero Kid View Post

Hang on is the meet tomorrow? ph34r.gif

Yeap! 10am till late i think!

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Yeaho. Only a few have pulled out so it's all good.

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My car is packed. Good night!

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sorry mimijiTMO, i was going to borrow my dads car and drive up there, but it doesnt look like thats going to happen now frown.gif

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Three cheers for Niall, another great Brisbane local meeting. Thanks Cameron







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really enjoyed the meet today thanks guys, i didnt really chat to any people at the last meet and seemed like today everyone relaxed a bit with each other while the pizza just kept on coming and coming and coming, it was actually quite liberating not having much gear there and not worrying about it, well not much. enjoyed the lcd2 quite a lot, but need to wait till i finish my speakers to see if i really need them, or just want them. i feel they would make a nice upgrade to my hd600 and would be happy being run out of the input stage of one of the speaker amps i'm building. i just find i'm not doing that much headphone listening at home these days, so the portable rig stays primary and speakers will most likely be primary at home. i've culled my headphones to 3 pairs and would sell the 600's if i got the lcd2 i just gotta wonder if they are just a wannabe speaker with none, or at least not that many of the advantages of headphones


i found them to be similar in tone to the senns, but more open, fast and dynamic; basically like the hd600 wants to be and i think they will really sing out of a discrete solid state fet amp with ooodles of power to burn, didnt get a chance to see how well they do subtlety, thats ore something you learn at home, along with finding out if i could live with the fit


anyone up for a small diy meet once you guys are all done smoking that crack?

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Good to hear the meet was successful, pitty I could not be there.


Anyone created an impressions thread already?

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Pix and impressions of the meet found here:

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