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Brisbane Meet - March 2011 - Page 2

Poll Results: When should we have our next meet?

Poll expired: Feb 25, 2011  
  • 0% (0)
    November 2010
  • 15% (3)
    December 2010
  • 35% (7)
    January 2011
  • 5% (1)
    February 2011
  • 45% (9)
    March 2011
20 Total Votes  
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Oh yeah that helps. I forgot.

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Sent a few PMs out today. 

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I'll be there with my LCD-2's hehe and I voted for January.

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January takes the lead.

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It's going to be a photo finish!

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Originally Posted by RedSky0 View Post

It's going to be a photo finish!


Where are the rest of you Queenslanders?

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I haven't been too active lately but MomijiTMO PM'd me to ask if I want to come, which I think I will. I don't hav ea heap to contribute though, My Firstwatt F2 has just recently been broken down into pieces to do some work on it. Hopefully I'll have it back together before the meet because it makes a fun headphone amp.


I saw that John from Coem Audio supported/sponsored the last brisbane meet so I contacted him and he's keen to help out once we have more idea of when and where.


Lookin forward to it.

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Hey Guys, monkeybusiness in da house  i attended the last canjam, drove up from lismore with customnuts. i vote for late january to early feb due to uni arrangements. i have a few things on order ill list what ill be able to bring:


  • ALO 780's (full mod) with lux fep cable
  • Maverick D1 with hdam sun mod
  • Zero Dac 09 Hdam mod
  • Whiplash Millet Mini max (blackgates)
  • Ie8's balanced
  • Ibasso PB1 Toucan balanced amp
  • Telcast T51 (S:flo2)
  • Hiface m2tech coaxial
  • Monster Tributes
  • Superlux 681, Hippo VB. HJE900.

Looking forward to rockin out with you Headfi maniacs

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Canjam 2011 sounds awesome. This time Monkey Business and I are  going to put together a couple of rigs of our own.

Late Jan, early Feb is best for me too.


I should be able to bring:


  • Denon LA2000 (full mod) custom silver
  • HD650 Balanced TWag
  • JH-3A JH16
  • IE8 TWag
  • Graham Slee Voyager, HJE900


Talk soon,


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You guys are always welcomed! Hopefully you can stay for a bit longer this time around.


EDIT: Damn that's quite a list of gear!

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Alright, like I said before, John from Coem Audio has offered to support/sponsor the meet. 

This is their website:



John said he's happy to lend any of the products for the day if he has audition stock. So have a look and let me know if you'd like me to bring something, and I'll ask him



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Hey Hugz, just looked at the site and id love to hear the following:


  • Darkvoice 336SE 
  • Citypulse DA-2.03e II 
  • KingRex PREference
  • Lite DAC-60 CAA Mod


Thanks, looking forward to hearing some great new products. I'm sure it will be tempting!

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Yeah I can't remember what COEM brought last time. I know there was a KingRex unit... and it was red... and that's all I remember tongue.gif.


I'll have a Crack w/ speedball ready and a ppav2 w/ tread in addition to all the crap I brought last time. Not entirely sure what else I'll have.

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pssh we need moar qlders in this thread 

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