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Dac Destroyer - Brief Review and Pictures

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I just got it, and my sextetts are still waiting parts while I wait for shanling ph300. In the meantime, I tried them with my computer speakers (swans) and the headphone out through a yuin pk-2. It sound much better than the computers regular output (macbook pro), which is shrill and tinny. Lower frequencies are more articulate and a little more pronounced with good separation across the board. It's plug and play, so it was really easy to set up.


As I now use it for everything, it's surprising how much of an upgrade it is. Even watching Anime, that is compressed mp3 audio streams, the voices and sounds are much more clear and forward, not to mention the blackhole of a noisefloor. I'm still waiting for the shanling and some parts for my sextett for more detailed comparison, pity that I don't have another dac to compare it to.


Is It fair game to post the internals? It's fairly together for its price (40$), I was confused about the solder joints, turns out its silver, and he responded quickly to an email, saying that cleaning the board causes damage to parts to he uses no clean flux and that the amount of solder he uses, based on his experience, is better.


The minijack and the RCAs are the same outputs, so if you have both speakers and a headphone amp, you can connect both, which is convenient for me as I really don't care about the minute loss from cables going to my 100$ self amped speakers, while I can connect it to my shanling ph3000 via a short rca cable to listen to my sextetts.


Dac Destroyer Internal TopDac Destroyer Internal Bottom

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everyone loves internal shots!


i think this is the makers youtube channel, showing him building one :)



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added photos

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Powers my 32-Ohm headphones just fine.

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I know this is an old thread but wanted to know if you still owned / still used the DAC and if so after 2 years how do you rate it now?  I've just bought one, have yet to plug it into my hifi at home but have tried it today with some pretty nasty headphones at work and it sounds (listened to Dead Can Dance - Anastasis and now Black Sabbaths Paranoid) pretty good IMO.

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