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SOLD: 8GB Sansa Clip+

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I have a black 8gb sansa clip+ with rockbox firmware. I can easily remove it and have the stock firmware only if desired. I am the second owner and the reason for sale is because of lack of use even though I do like it a lot. The previous owner had it for around a week before it was sold to me.


I will include the sansa clip+, usb cable and the stock buds if you do not mind that there will be no foam covers since I used those for something else. The original packaging will not be included because I threw that out.


If you keep it at rockbox there are something you must know. In order to charge or transfer files you must load up the stock firmware which can be done by holding the home button while pressing the power button.


Price is $OLD plus shipping. Local pickup is available in certain areas within NYC. Please be aware that I am unable to ship until Saturday due to my schedule but I can do local pickup if any NYC head-fi members see this. International is available but I am not responsible for customs tax, lost or damaged packages and it may take up to two weeks for the package to arrive.


Both feedback links for head-fi are in my signature. PM me if interested.


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I have a possible pickup sometime later this week. I will update this thread if that happens.

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sold. thanks for all who showed interest

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