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FS: Rockhopper M^3 w/ many opamps! [CANADA/USA]  

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It's a sad day, I'm selling my Rockhopper M^3 that I bought from Shahrose 2 months ago and I've put about 10 hours on it. I have it paired with a pair of HD600's and it's a perfect match. It's in perfect condition (the exact same condition that I received it in.) Looking for $400 CAD + shipping (the same that I paid for it.) Willing to ship to Canada and USA. Paypal or e-transfer (EMT.) I will get more specifications of the amp and the opamps and pics up in the coming days. Also comes with an ELPAC power supply. 


Macbook Pro not included. It's been sitting unused for a month, so it's kinda dusty. Didn't know it was that dusty until after I took the pics.......







This M^3 uses quality parts and comes with the following:


-Gain Switch (Gain 5 and Gain 11)

-Extra opamps to tailor the sound: 3 x AD8610, 3 x AD8065, 2 x OPA637, 1 x OPA627, 3 x AD843 and the 3 default opamps it came with (don't remember the names).

-Silver-coated copper stranded wire throughout

-Elna Simic Capacitors

-Neutrik RCA Jacks

-Vishay/Dale Resistors

-Alps Blue Velvet volume pot


I'm also selling my HD600's $250 + shipping:

and my Etymotic ER4P's with P to S cable $135 + shipping: 



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Any chance you're willing to sell the AD8610 opamps separate from the amp?




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Sorry, the opamps are a package deal with the amp. 

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FS again!

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