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FS: HD600 w/ 650 cable [CANADA/USA]

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I'm selling my HD600's. They are the best full sized cans that I have, but I'm a starving student and these have been collecting dust for the past month due to school. These are in immaculate condition. 2nd owner. No paint chips on the plastic, but there are two micro sized paint chips on the grills ( you really have to look to see them.) Comes with the stock HD600 cable, HD650 cable and box. Asking $250 CAD + shipping. Paypal or EMT (now e-transfer.) WIlling ship to Canada or USA.








I'm also selling a Rockhopper M^3 amplifier that matches the HD600 perfectly. Asking $400:


If a buyer wants both the M^3 and the HD600's, I'm willing to drop the price.


And I'm selling my Etymotic ER4P's with P to S cable $135: 



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To the top. 

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Bump it

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FS again

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Hi, did you get my previous reply? I've reached my PM limit for the day. Can you send a message to the email address that I provided in my initial PM? Thanks.



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Hi Pepito: Can you pick up the shipping cost to zip 80302? Please respond to as I have used up my PMs for today.


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These  have been SOLD! Thanks everyone for the interest. 

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