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Total Bithead shuts off randomly

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Hello, I am new to this forum but have been reading for many hours this past month. Since coming to the forum I have purchased a total bithead and a pair of grado sr 225i (which are in the mail).

My issue is with my bithead. When hooked up to any of the three usb ports on my laptop, it will randomly shut off (sound cuts out but lights stay on) after 2-20 minutes (or you might say randomly). When this happens I have noticed that the clipping light comes on and a bit of a noise like when you plug your headphone jack in occurs when the sound cuts out. I have not tested it extensively on another source, but I have not notice it happen on my friends laptop, my ipod, or other desktop, which I have probably only used these for around 2-3 hours total.

My question is, do you think it could be cause by my replacement power supply which was bought cheap off ebay Or perhaps my laptop specifically, which is a compaq a940ca.

Second question is, if it is cause by power fluctuation, is there any cheap fix for it such as a small capacitor or something?


Thanks very much for any help, just thought I would join the forum, and hopefully contribute something soon as well.


Also one more question I just remember to ask, is it ok to use something like the total bithead as a 24/7 replacement for my laptops sound card? I much prefer the quality, but will save it for only my music listening if they have a tendency to breakdown over time.

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So I was just testing the bithead with the power unplugged running off the battery, and the bithead still cut out. Curious if anyone else knows what might cause this.

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