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Best Buy and Rocketfish are New Sponsors of the Head-Fi Community!

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Best Buy and Rocketfish would like to show their appreciation for Head-Fi by joining as Head-Fi Sponsors for the month of October.


With the Rocketboost audio line from Rocketfish™, a wireless audio technology, you can get more sound throughout your home. Rocketboost wireless technology lets you listen to your stereo, portable MP3 player, TV, etc. from anywhere in the house up to 164 feet away. It works by sending an HD audio signal from any output to an amplified receiver, which then feeds the sound into your existing speakers.


These innovative wireless products from Rocketfish™ are exclusive to Best Buy® and are the first to feature Rocketboost technology.


I look forward to trying Rocketfish's wireless products myself.


Let's give them a warm welcome to the community!
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Wow, I'm amazed. I hope this leads to more of a variety of headphone choices in stores that can be tried out. Maybe in the home theater area? That would be awesome. 


Welcome to Head-Fi, Best Buy. (i couldnt resist)

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Looking forward to competitive and more economical pricing coming from Rocketfish... Sonos is quite expensive, and it will be good to have a competitor!

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Only for the month of October, huh?


I would like to think this is one small step in the right direction for Best Buy's audio selection. Hopefully their reps notice the popularity and appreciation of headphone related equipment on here relay some back to HQ-- considering they're one of the largest distributors of trendy headphones, it would be great to see them be one of the largest distributors of Hi-Fi headphones as well!


Welcome aboard!

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Always great to get more sponsors!  Good work, Jude!

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Hopefully this means that I can try out headphones at best buy that aren't Beats by Dre.

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Originally Posted by FindingNoOne View Post

Hopefully this means that I can try out headphones at best buy that aren't Beats by Dre.



So when will the LCD2 station be up at my Best Buy?  

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I feel conflicted about Best Buy entering the Hi-Fi arena.  On the one hand it'd be nice to have a place I know I could demo Hi-Fi equipment, but on the other hand Best Buy is overpriced and a giant 'big box' sweatshop retailer.  I've known many people who work for them and they're ruthless.  I kind of want Hi-Fi to remain in the hands of smaller mom and pop shops - especially because the knowledge that these people have is priceless, and I'd be happy to pay for a knowledgable conversation about the product I am dropping $200+ on.  Best Buy employees rarely seem they know what they are talking about and are constantly trying to upsell you.


Thank you Best Buy for sponsoring this great institution and bastian of audio know-how and knowledge but I feel compelled to voice my disappointments in your services too.

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Perhaps some mid class headphone displays? Like an ath M50/similarly priced and performing pair of cans that you can plug into your music player to demo?
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we need more euro sponsors :(

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I used to work in the HT dept of Best Buy. I loved it. I would make a career out of it if I could earn more. And the discounts were amazing!

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Glad to see Best Buy sponsor Head-Fi. While I'm not a huge fan, hopefully we can get a dialogue goin to improve customer relationships and perhaps get their brick & mortar products/prices more in tune to our needs

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lol nice

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I suppose this is a good thing for  So I'm glad.  

Personally,  I wrote off Best Buy after a bad experience with a store manager who refused to give me the price match on a item.  Other members of this community were given the identical deal but for some reason the store in my area had a manager who had not yet heard the national campaign on TV and radio.  His exact words were "If they(office max) were selling it(Sansa Clip) that low then thats just bad business....The guarantee is subject to MY discretion so, no you can't have it."  

I regret purchasing many pricey items over the years from Best Buy.  

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hope this leads the way for higher end cans to make it to my country, even if I have to pay way more...

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