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WTS: Various Whiplash Earphones Cables

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Hey all, I have about 4 Whiplash cables for sale, some of them brand new, some used, some spoilt and with different plugs, so please look carefully before deciding on which one you're interested in. All of them are 48" long. Prices include shipping CONUS and paypal fees.


1) SCSag terminated with Protector plug and Livewire plugs. Brand new. $130


2) SCSag terminated with Viablue 1/8 plug and Livewire plugs. Used, working. $100


3) TWcu terminated with Protector plug and JH/Westone/UE plugs. Brand new. $80


4) TWcu terminated with Viablue plug and Livewire plugs. Used, not working ( Livewire ends has loose connection) $30.


For those who want to use the cable with their JH customs, you can send the cable to Whiplas and Craig will reterminate the ends for you at a cost of about $40 ( I think).


If you have any questions, just PM me. Thanks!

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Wrong forum, please move to Cables F/S.

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