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V Moda... VIbe/Faze/Bass Freq/Nero?SQ?

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Anybody have an info on the build, SQ and characteristics of those phones listed above? they are quite cheap on ebay and i would like a pair of durable phones to exercise/fool around in.

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I have the original Vybe and they are not the most durable in the world. Whatever that stuff is that covers the wires tears very easily. The right side is torn and the left side actually shredded.

There also isn't any reliable of way to grip the headphone plug to remove it. It's way too smooth

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hows the SQ? and has the build changed?

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Please bear in mind that these are the only IEM's I've ever tried so I really don't have anything to compare them to.

I think the sound quality is nice. Not great not terrible.

They sound is clear but the treble sounds very laid back if not muffled. The bass is good but it definitely doesn't blow me away even with trance music. I can hear the bass very loud and clear with stuff like TMP but I can't feel the bass.

Comfort level is low. After about 5 minute they start sliding out and I have to constantly push them back in. The only way I can get them to stay in with no slippage is to insert them with the cord facing up and towards the back. Which isn't very comfortable.

Isolation is execrable unless you have music playing. Without music playing you can hear people talking at normal levels. With music playing you won't hear very much of anything but I can say the same about my full size Ultrasone Pro 550's. Actually I think I would say that the Ultrasones isolate better with music playing.


IIRC the Vybe 2 has a better plug and is supposed to have a clearer sound. I think I would suggest those over the Vybe I

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vibe II seems good for their price (I got them for $20). It looks durable unless microphonics are really there. About SQ,with a bit EQing they sound really good.

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i see... is there sq diff between vibe 2 and vibe 1?

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I've had the vibe I and II. the vibe one has a faulty cable and breaks after about 6 months. V Moda will replace the headphones but the warranty only lasts one year. You can get a pair for 10 or 15 dollars on eBay if you wanted one. At that price it's worth it, since the v modas do sounds good. You won't be blown away by the sound but for 15$ it's totally worth it. The treble is not very bright but it has decent mids and good bass. The vibe II sound is basically the same as the vibe I but with the vibe two you get a much better and improved cable. This fixed the problem of it breaking after 6 months. I paid 80$ new for them but you can get them for much cheeper online.
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Oh and I forgot to mention that I use the vibes for working out. They work out very good for that.
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i had 2 pairs of v-modas in my life

i brought 2 bass freq as a bundle, and both stopped working after 3 months

the sound quality is pretty good though, but keep in mind you have to take extra care of them, they are not durable at all, break down very easily

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I had a pair of vibe too and vibe II seems an upgrade for vibe IMO. Im not recommending vibe but recommending vibe II because of durability,wider soundstage,better treble and detail.

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Originally Posted by yearsofwisdom View Post

Anybody have an info on the build, SQ and characteristics of those phones listed above? they are quite cheap on ebay and i would like a pair of durable phones to exercise/fool around in.

late response but yet it's latest on this thread? lol


my comparison is based on very basic rule of thumb, price to product ratio, nothing else.


I had a chance to buy Faze after looking into the accessories (sport) like splitter,ear hooks besides a decent draw string pouch and 3 silicon eartips which are standard on most of the iems this price tag.

I knew already for this price I should'nt expect much but it is better than most of the stock earbuds/canal earphones(iems) by the first look.



I should admit that the build quality is par to IEMs that are between $40-$70 price tags. we visualize 3 things to BQ, 3.5mm jack,cable and earpiece themselves. first the jack,it's an angled connector(just like Bose) built sturdy to withstand many in/outs with nice strain relief.The cable is kind of kevlar re-inforced as seen in Klipsch S5i rugged versions,rubbereized. the earpiece themselves are partly aluminium and plastic. the bore and backside is plastic with center cylinder being aluminium. the earpiece has a ball shaped strain relief which i played with shows no sign of weakness. The draw string pouch is pretty decent,fabric made, with V-Moda symbol reads on one side that being said, the front. tips are ok. the earhooks has small grooving to accomodate thin cables (may be 3-4mm) but flexible enough, not strong like plastics which other manufacturers has to offer (like after-markets).isolation is acceptable not bad. only frustration is, the lip of the bore is pretty big and somewhat awkward when I insert in my ear canal, though my ears accept TF10 pretty well and fits snuggy.


the very important reel, SQ.

these were muddy out of the box like other dynamic driver. so gave the burn-in process by playing in shuffle on my classic overnite. plugged in next AM what a surprise, same bloated bass and no improvements on any region.classic took the charge for the whole day and almost past 22hrs now, well little shyness is relieved on mid.carried on further,went on, after almost 70 hours, no surprises. then I tried listening personally to different genres but sound did show variations but the essense is not heard for a dynamic driver to be heard.said that. I tried different options on the eq., sound changes but not as it was supposed to be. so I realized this is what it sounds even you burn-in for whole year.

I usually like/use flat eq and so was the setup while burn-in and very moderate volume no over-drive. Also I give enough breathing period to suit my ears, say 2hr min to settle down or get an impression of any IEMs/HPs for that matter.

I also tried with my samsung galaxy S wifi 5" with "power AMP" it did no justice in any form of eq preset or manual but I said before changed to some extent but not as acceptable result.



I planned to keep it as backup and if any of my IEM/Headphone collection's cable goes bad I can use Faze's cable instead of investing some bite from my wallet.OR if I find a IEM having similar size driver going bad on cables or 3.5mm jack, I can switch those drivers of it to the faze housings. even after it sounds same as original Faze..will just stuff the housings with cotton/likes (dampening) and try. even after there's no improvement, housings RIP and cables will get new life.


Overall the SQ is somewhat ok but for that price tag($8), accessories, and the way I plan to use their accessories (splitter,ear hooks and angled cable,ear tips), nobody will be disappointed.

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