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I accidentally posted this in the wrong section but no moderator moved it so I will just repost it here.


I would like some help choosing a good in-ear headset I can use with my iPhone 4. I mostly listen to acoustic music, some Damien Rice, Coldplay, Jason Mraz, Jose Gonzales, Cat Stevens, Ryan Bingham, Johnny Cash and so on. I want a microphone so I can use them for speaking, so I don't really want to know about headphones without a mic. Some of the headsets I have looked at are:


Klipsch x10i

Monster Beats by Dre Tour with Controltalk

Etymotic Research HF2

Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10v


The reason I have not yet decided is that I've heard that the x10 is a bit too bass heavy and not suited for acoustic sound, the Tour are said to be very uncomfortable for some, the same with the Etymotic and the UE.

The problem with reading that they are uncomfortable are that I live in a relatively small town in Sweden(pretty big in Sweden but compared to the rest of the cities in the world it's small...), which means that there are no stores that sells high end(?) headsets, so I can't try them out. So... I guess I just want to hear your thoughts regardning the headsets above, also I welcome new suggestions!


Thanks in advance, Staren