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I want to build a 4 board balanced Beta22 but I need some help ordering parts. - Page 2

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I'm very glad to see so many replies coming in, thank you all. My father and I are having a discussion about whether or not a balanced Beta22 is really necessary. I think it is -- well thought it was. I'll finish writing tomorrow right now I think it's best that I go to bed. 

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it not about how you know to solder the components or not, read the schematic diagrams or not. populating the parts onto the boards are pretty easy, my friend can do it within 3-5 days for 5 boards. but its the casework and some misc things that will take most of your time. some parts are also pretty expensive like for example if you wanna get a good pot for balanced, dact, goldpoint etc.


how you will place the boards in the casing. do you need a switch to control between the different outputs? light-up power leds and volume control etc. there are some more which i cant even recall off my head directly. each build is different i can say even though it all b22 components unless you are building a very standard build, thats what make it sometime hard to diagnose for some additional add-ons.


for example the way krmathis light up volume knob is done differently from my way and so will be for some others. so many possibilities....


if you still decide to embark on the project, good luck.

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jazzDESIGNED - I will only post about this once since others have expressed similar thoughts to you directly & in the countless "What's a good first amp to build?" threads that you should find & read.   Please repay my effort in expressing this guidance by reading this post & taking time to contemplate it.


You need to consider the impact, for you & your father & any helpers here, if one mistake is made/something goes wrong and one or more of your boards fail to come up.  A single faulty or misplaced part, a single cold solder joint, a single solder bridge, a single error in the PCB fab (rare but it happens) could take down the whole project. The initial disappointment could turn into long-term discouragement when you found out how difficult the more complex designs are to debug.


The experience would turn from a positive one into a reason not to attempt anything like this again. 


Posts like this that you may see as discouraging are actually well-intentioned ones trying to assist you on the road to becoming a happy contributing member of this community.  


If you have the funds to attempt this project with little or no reservation, then consider a more approachable project.  There is a continuum of DIY designs, complexity/likelihood-of-success wise, available to choose from (& sell it down the road if need be).  E.g. looking @ amb's site offerings, the CK²III makes an excellent medium-complexity, great-sounding project... The  M³ an ambitious reach as a first amp.   A full-blown 4-channel β22 more a foolish choice as a first amp. 

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I would assume that if your father has been doing DIY electronics for that long and is helping you, that he also has experience troubleshooting a build that is complex, such as this. As long as you listen to your father, I think you should be alright.


Just make sure you don't get in a rush to get things done; take your time and check and double check everything before applying power. One mistake in a project such as this does have the potential to cause other failures, and could wind up as a very expensive lesson.

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