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SOLD: Balanced Only Beta22 Worldwide Shipping  

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Up for sale is my balanced Beta22, here’s the details:

It’s a headphone only build as such it has no speaker posts.
The input is XLR only, the headphone jacks are also XLR balanced only.

The psu is dual mono Sigma22 in it’s own par metal enclosure.
It features a very nice filtered IEC, the transformers are 50VA each.
2 Amphenol umbilical’s for left and right amp boards.

The amp is a 4 board build in it’s own par metal enclosure.
It features a DACT CT2 attenuator.
Wiring is 22awg teflon silver coated copper for signal and 18awg teflon silver coated copper for power.

The amp has preformed flawlessly since being built around 18 months ago. The build was very successful, not one component was de-soldered from a mistake or mishap, all soldered joints where meticulously made with great care. All boards achieve zero DC offset. The gain is set up for 2, a total of 4 as this is a balanced build.

$XXXXX AUD plus postage firm, this is less than I paid in parts alone.


Now $XXXXX + postage.

Pictures can be seen here:


International buyers I will convert the voltage over 120V if needed.

Look under gallery and my username “johnwmclean”

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Great build! For those too lazy to search for the pics:

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Thanks a bunch jjinh!


I’d just like to add for those of you worried about repair should the unforeseen happen. I will offer any servicing free for the lifetime of the first owner, this does not include parts or postage.   

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Too bad this is down under only...

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Oh, no, not the B22........

The Cavalli will get lonely.


Seriously, this is one great amp.


jc9394 posted:-



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Too bad this is down under only...


If only I had two and a half thousand lazy readies.............


C'mon, Aussies, C'mon

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beautiful. I must get an Aussie passport asap!

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Stunning! Too bad I am saving for a holiday

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why are you selling it away??

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why are you selling it away??


He built himself a Cavalli which puts more music into his HD800's.

I like the B22 better......

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One of the nicest amps to ever grace these forums.

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Moar pictures of John's b22 = WIN!

John selling his b22 = Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!


On a more serious note...

Having seen it, used it and talked with John about it in person, I can say that this is an extremely well put together amp.

The amp is surprisingly compact.

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I am in New Zealand. Would you consider selling to me? Lets face it New Zealand is to all intents and purposes a part of Australia smily_headphones1.gif


It looks like a lovely amplifier.





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Thanks for all the nice feedbacks gents, bump and price drop.

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..... and worldwide shipping.......


My eyes get moist at the thought of this treasure leaving our hallowed shores.

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Really nice job, it's a beautiful amp. I'm must hurt to let it go !

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