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You tube videos and browser sounds go thought Window's mixer so are upsampled if you chose that setting. I thought M2Tech forte was their USB implementations so why use SPDIF?

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i was using spdif from the young to fairly compare against the stagedac.

could not hear any difference at all.


tried usb on the young, didnt think it sounded any better or worse.

i have no "hi-res" files, only cd rips. so would not be able to test the young's usb capability to the full extent.


sent the young back today.

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How much difference would you expect to hear from the best DAC in the world compared to a stagedac or other regular DAC when playing 16/48 material? I wouldn't have thought that it would be significant until you got to higher res material. Does anyone know I this was a fair test on the Young?
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with my 2 previous dac upgrades, i was able to notice an improvement each time.

this was not the case with the young/stagedac comparison, to my ears.

what is unfair about that?


if usb proves to be the way forward in future, then there will be more new dacs competing with the young on usb.

then the price will come down considerably.

for now it was not worth the change for me.

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I didnt say it was unfair.  What I did ask was that would the worlds best Dac have revealed any improved sound quality over your prior dac when playing red book samples?


The Young appears to be made for USB.  I personally would have used Pure Music etc to send it a 384 signal over USB.


But each to their own.

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Though I can tell the difference between my e7, hrt and higher end audio-gd DACs; I can only tell the difference between my audio-gd nfb-1 and nfb-10 with hi-res files.  I think the trick to happiness is being happy with redbook files but I think we'll all be moving to hi-res sooner or later.

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I was originally planning to buy a M2Tech Young but the lure of the Schiit statement Dac that is coming out end of the year is too much to not hold out for.  I have bought a Schiit Bifrost in the interim but am hanging out for the Schiit statement dac. 


I do like the idea of the Young being able to deal with 384 but there is just no native music at that rate.  192 is as much as you need right now. IMO.


I do love the look of the Young.  It is seriously cool.

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Featured in Giz.  Head-Fi gets some shout-outs in the comments.

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I just got the M2tech Young, using it with MBA and Amarra (free version of Young).  I found that when watching Youtube, the sounds and image are not at the same time.  The sounds is delayed. Anything can fix the problem? 

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