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Yes, I meant the Young DAC may have a USB input (based upon the hiface) that actually lives up to its billing. Many audiophiles are finding out that the USB input on their dac can't compete with a USB converter feeding the SPDIF input.

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  I'm too lazy to find it and link it here but there's a guy on Hifiwigwam who tried the young with and without the EVO and couldn't detect any difference.  It's on the second page in the reviews section.

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Which probably means the built-in async USB module in the DAC is nearly identical to the Evo. This is good news.

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Anyone know if you can purchase the Young DAC directly from M2TECH, instead of the ridiculous price from tweekgeek.com.


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Not sure about supplier direct but you should check with wickeddigital.com.au. They have way better prices that tweek.
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Does wicked digital ship outside Australia though? I assumed they wouldn't because of dealer territories. I checked their shipping page and didn't see any mention of overseas.

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Originally Posted by vert View Post

Does wicked digital ship outside Australia though? I assumed they wouldn't because of dealer territories. I checked their shipping page and didn't see any mention of overseas.

  They don't appear to ship outside Australia and some products to NewZealand.  That seems to be what their shipping information page says.

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Perhaps ask them if they will ship to the US.  It is worth asking the question given the potential $500 saving.  I have found them to be very helpful and responsive.  Plus I am hanging out to hear some user reviews.  It looks like an impressive piece of machinery.

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Yea, I am trying to save the $500. I am also looking at the Calyx 24/192 DAC from South Korea. It also looks like a great DAC and has similarities to the M2TECH Young DAC. Its around $1600 I believe and can do full 24/192 over USB 2 with the supplied drivers. 

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So far I have only seen one decent review of the Young but it was certainly very promising.  The bit that makes the Young so appealing is the capability to deal with 384.  I am guessing that something like Pure Music can upsample to 384 and then output straight to the Young via USB.


I would have liked for it to have also included a second set of line outs so that I can share its output between the headphone amp and my stereo but it is a small price to pay.At least the new Lyr has a second set of pre outs so I can share the dac from there.



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Originally Posted by Kremer930 View Post

I cant see why more interest isnt raised over this DAC.


The M2Tech hiface units are well loved.


IMHO the stock HiFace is a lousy transport.  It has a treble tilted sound signature, which may do something for low end, dark sounding stuff, but the treble tilt gave it an unrealistic tone with either my T-1 > North Star MKII >GS-1 rig or my 650 > Stello > M^3 rig.  


It also takes full advantage of the louder sounds better trick by playing louder than other transports. Don't be fooled.


And IIRC it's voltage output is way above the standard 2 volts.


Then there was the clock issue.


I bought one to replace my Blue Circle Transport.  Now it's in a baggie in the  junk drawer. 


No, I can't imagine why there isn't more interest in M2Tech products.




This is my opinion.  YMMV.





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A friend of mine has the Hiface and he loves it.  I havent had too long a time to sit down and compare it but we did do side by side testing of a Dac Magic direct and the Hiface feeding a Matrix mini-i.  Your comments around it potentially damaging your gear is very worrying.  Arent some other products supposed to output up to 5 volts?  I didnt think that it was all that unusual to exceed 2v.  Great to hear your thoughts though.  Helps build a fuller picture.

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I don't agree with the neg take on the HiFace. They sold 1000's of them, I had 3 at some point - no problems (Win7 & Mac).


They were pioneers in making USB-Spdif affordable and bit the bullet on some early versions/tech. Jkenny has shared some excellent experience and mods on this (e.g. battery power and attenuators) that went a long way to improving the stock model. Saying that, it is not considered SOTA today (what can you expect for $150 (even less used)?) and has been surpassed by the EVO (of which I own 2).


The market is now flooded with USB-Spdif converters - most of them better but also more $$ than the original hiFace.


But we're digressing on this thread (there is already lengthy hiFace thread). I'd also be interested in first impressions of the Young Dac (as the EVO tech is built in). (which is probably the future of Dacs anyway - the current slew of USB-Spdif converters is a temp fix in the evolution).

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Yeah, I agree, there are under $200 converters available now (KingRex & Musical Fidelity) that have the potential to perform above their price points. The reviews on the KingRex have it outperforming more expensive converters. No one's going to spend $1k on a Sonicweld or Empirical Audio except for the cost-no-object audiophiles with audio nervosa.

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Originally Posted by johangrb View Post

I don't agree with the neg take on the HiFace. They sold 1000's of them.....


Not to derail the thread, but in the interest of providing information to the forum members: 


Yes, they did sell thousands of them, (that had the small clock instead of the large clock), to unsuspecting customers who read the original reviews of the 2 large clock models and thought that's what they would be getting.  (M2Tech now claims they only use the large clocks)


Here's a pic from their web site showing the small clock-large clock configuration that was eventually exchanged for one with two large clocks.



Mine was one of the thousands they sold like this (and was exchanged by Tweak Geek, which btw is a great company to deal with) but the only caveat M2Tech imposed for an exchange was that if you opened it up to find out which clock you had you voided your warranty...... a pretty bullet proof way to avoid replacing any HiFaces.  So how do you find out which clock you have without opening the case?


                       small clock - large clock  (original sent to me)                                                                                       2 large clocks  (replacement)

IMG_0659 400.jpg IMG_0658 400.jpg


There was no question that the large clock sounded much better than the small clock, but even in it's best sounding configuration, it still was a treble tilted, tone altering transport, that employed the "louder sounds better" trick.  (Volume balance and check for yourself against another transport.)


Now, guys, which HiFace did you get, (and how sure can you be sure that M2Tech is only using the better sounding large clocks now)... remember, if you open the case you void your warranty?



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