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Calling All Pro 900 Owners

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So, I own a pair of pro 900's... great pair of cans, absolutely love them to bits, however I've somehow managed to pull the wires off the 1/4" jack on the long Neutrik cable.


It shouldn't be a problem to solder back together, however, I'm not sure which wires to solder to which points on the jack... which is where you guys come in..


If someone out there would be able to have a quick check which points each of the wires is connected to, It would be an absolutely massive help. The metal housing simply unscrews from the plastic wire sleeve bit, and should just slide off the end of the jack. 


Ive taken a photo of mine.... in its current state, and added some labels to help with identification :-)


Massive thankyou in advance



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Black soldered anywhere on the inside of the 1/3 circle gold thing, blue in the center solder point, red in the solder point all the way on the other side from the 1/3 circle gold thing. If you don't understand this let me know and I'll post a picture.


Actually, using your picture, black wire to C, blue wire to A, red wire to B.

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Cheers Haloxt.... 


exactly what I needed, thanks for the help. I'll get soldering now ;-)




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Cheers again for the help Halo, soldered back together thisafternoon, works just fine.


Also.... after being forced listen to the 900's on the other 3.5mm cable through an ipod for a couple of days.. Has made me realise how much better they sound amped :-D



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You're welcome. The reason why it pulled off is because these neutrik connectors were designed for easy assembly by hand and yanking it can pull at the solder points. Cables done by machines are usually much less susceptible  to being pulled at the solder points.


I don't know how you managed to pull off all three conductors without knowing how though.

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